Wednesday, December 08, 2004

For the love of all that is Beats....

Not going to have much time blogging for the next couple of days due to the man making me actually do work. Well, I don’t usually do that much work, but this time I’ll be out of my building.

Got my new Mixer today!! Yay!! I think I’ve figured out what all the buttons does… I could read the manual, but that’s crazy talk. I’ll just push the buttons on and off till I figure it out.

Now I just have to pray to the beats Gods. Oh great beats Gods… hear my call… Ok, this is too weird for an open forum.

Well, the reason for all this is that I was asked to work (DJ) a holiday party next weekend. No, I’m not playing Christmas music or anything like that. They wanted grooves and beats. That I can do. I haven’t worked in a while so I’m a bit rusty. I’m a bit nervous about that. BUT… The big scary part is that I’ll be playing to a bunch of sheltered Midwesterners. I’m not sure how they’re going to take to it.

On the flyer for the party, I wrote a little blurb about 'wear something comfortable and don't forget to bring an extra glow stick for Santa'. After test marketing the flyer, the host had to change that line cause people were scared that it was going to be a big drug party. WTF?

It’s not just my performance on the line here either. Since this will be a first for a good many of them, I don’t want to ruin the whole genre for these people if I don’t play a good set. I know it’s silly and crazy talk, but that’s what I’m thinking and will be thinking next weekend.

I'd hate to be my neighbor for the next 2 weeks. All that bass is sure to be annoying. Gotta practice practice practice!!

Say, I’m having problems thinking of a good original DJ name. Since there’re some witty ass people reading this, can someone help out please?


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