Monday, December 13, 2004

Oh dive bars, How I love thee ....

Dive bars are a wonderful thing. Yes, every now and then you’ll see appearances of the Pup at some nice trendy ‘we’re too pretentious and snobby to ever serve PBR’ , or the ‘we’re all ordering Martini’s cause they’re trendy’ bullshit, or the ever popular 'dress to impress aka slutty' clubs. There are advantages for those places, but I assure you I’m not enjoying myself as much.

No, given the chance, I would much prefer a more comfy place to drink with friends. A place when you first walk in you immediately smell the booze. A smell that's stained the room, and only a big fire would rid smell from the room. Another easily recognized element of a good dive bar is the long bar with a couple of power drinkers sitting firmly at the ends. That’s a must.

No one here dresses up. If someone is trying to pick up or impress someone, it is probably unintentional and just the alcohol talking. Dive bars are not the place to pick up anyone unless you’re just looking for a quickie in the parking lot. No, people come to dive bars to drink. Pitchers after pitchers, or shots after shots, the alcohol pours. No one there will judge you, they don't care cause they're probably too drunk to care.

I went to a bar this weekend that fit this description. I walked in the bar, and Bon Jovi’s ‘You give love a bad name’ was blaring on the speakers. The smell was there, and the power drinkers were at the bar. I felt at home. There were some people (who had move the tables), to dance in the middle of the bar. Nothing like mid-40s people dancing in the middle of a bar to hair band music.

No one was drinking anything blue or red and there were no waters in sight. There was beer, lots of beer, and there were drinks on the rocks. I don't think I heard the mixer shake even once. No, people are here to drink for real.

Half way through the music, one of the guys decided to take off his shirt. When did this start? Who thinks it’s cool to take your shirt off in the middle of a bar. Even if you’re drunk and there’s Bon Jovi music playing, this is still icky. Why do women get all up on him and encourages him? Cut it out!

BTW, here’s some advice next time you go to a bar/club. Do NOT take your shirt off. Who does that? Why do you think we want to see you nasty ass self (and yes they usually are nasty cause no one attractive ever takes their clothes off in a bar. It could be I’m just going to the wrong bars). If you took off your shirt and now it looks like you’re wearing a sweater, you may want to reconsider taking off your shirt. Or. If your belly looks like you’re in the third tri-mester.. you should also reconsider.

Women should still feel free to take off their clothes whenever they'd like of course.

Still, like I said before, this was a dive bar, and no one cared. Everyone sang along to the continuous screams from the hair bands.

Mr. Roboto played, and the place looked like a robot reject outlet. Freaken Hilarious.

Anyone got a particular dive bar they go to or used to go to?

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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