Thursday, December 02, 2004

Yea well… it sounds like a good idea….

But not so much. Article.

Since the first $80 million dollars was allocated in 2001, and an additional $168 million dollars being allocated for next year, our government has spent nearly $900 million dollars in 5 years on abstinence-only programs.

Why are you people so out of touch with youth and the world in general? Were you never a teenager or a human? Did you not understand what you were then, and them now are going through? Are you that ignorant that you cannot simply say no to natural desires? Why is it that you think you can fight nature? Are you so high on yourselves that you think you can even control the natural order of things? Don’t you think you’re now trying to control nature which was put in place by the Lord that you supposedly serve?

The problem with you is that you live in some idealistic bizzaro world where everyone believes and behaves the same as you. The world that you actually live in is not. There is a lot of diversity all around us, and that’s what makes us interesting as a species (it also keeps us alive).

You cannot and should not make people conform to only one way of acting. I don’t think anyone would argue with you that abstinence is the best way to prevent pregnancy or STD. I think by your logic, you would have to agree too that if we don’t have cars, then no one would be in car accidents.

People are going to drive, and people are going to have sex, that’s the bottom line. Do we try to get everyone to not drive? No, we put in airbags, seat belts, and driver education to help prevent something bad from happening. This is the same concept as sex. People are going to do it. There will be some accidents, that is unavoidable. But let’s try to make the people as safe and as educated as we can.

Is that too logical for you?

Just like so much other things you do, it looks good in the beginning, but there are never results. Columbia University researchers found that although teenagers who take "virginity pledges" may wait longer to initiate sexual activity, 88 percent eventually have premarital sex. It’s not that you need more emphasis on the program. Logically, the program and idea of complete abstinence for everyone is just WRONG and ignorant. It DOES NOT and WILL NOT work.

Beyond the total and complete disagreement I have ideologically about abstinence-only programs, the program as it is being run is total crap. In this article from MSNBC, a critic of the administration and of these programs pointed out some major false and misleading information that is being taught to the kids. Some includes:

- Abortion can lead to sterility and suicide,
- Half the gay male teenagers in the United States have tested positive for the AIDS virus,
- Touching a person's genitals "can result in pregnancy,"
- HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can be spread via sweat and tears,
- A 43-day-old fetus is a "thinking person."

43 days old? There are 43 years old that isn’t a thinking person. Obviously, if you think a 43 day old can think, you don’t understand what is necessary for thinking and thought to occur. This is interesting though in that it gives us a glimpse at the way you think. Logic is not an easy or simple thing, and it’s not something everyone has. Everyone can have it, but sadly, not everyone chooses to.

There are so many other points on how wrong and a complete waste of time and money this is, but let me end with this. Since when did it become ok for our government to fund churches for programs that are obviously biased and faith based? Separation of Church and state mean anything to you? The government should support science based facts and present all the information without bias to its people. It is not the role of the government to pay for these religious based programs while cutting real science programs!!

Besides, are the churches not doing well enough as it is? How about not adding another wing to the mega church that has three 5 story parking decks next to them, or buying a second private jet for your pastor? Churches should not have bigger budgets than some countries (oh.. there are churches like that). There is obviously something horribly wrong there. Once again, we are doomed to repeat the past (think Europe in the old days when it was ruled by the church).

Instead of making your church look bigger and goutier, or paying yourselves massive amounts of money (yea, I’ve seen the average salary), how about worrying about the people that your Lord would have worried about. Believe me, it’s not adding any of those materialistic things that you think so highly of.

For some more fun things about how the government is gonna get all up in your sex life thanks to the crusaders, read this.

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