Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Better Get Back!!! I CUT YOU!!!

This is more of a comment to your most recent post, Ho Ho Ho...Where My Money At?

Saturday night it was when I first felt "in the spirit." It was more like a tickle, since I'm hard as hell (I finally know what you mean when you say quit being hard). But I spent most of the day playing card games, video games and other games. Later that night I played more games with my crew. Then we started drinking while watching the hostess decorate her home in forest greens and velvet reds, preparing Christmas for her family.

So hanging out with the crew is all good. Sunday I woke up very ill and didn't make it to Sunday School, but I made it to church (20 min. late)! After church I went to the grocery store to fill my pockets (hint: they never suspect the guy who just came from church) and to get something for lunch. As I'm leaving the store the alarm system goes off so I quicken my pace until I hear, "CRASH!!!" I turn around to find a middle-aged man lying on the street. As I help him to his feet he tells me of the stroke he had less than a month ago. He was very thankful for my help and I was earnest enough and tended to his immediate needs. I was pissed that he shattered his eggs (not pissed at him rather sad about the eggs).

And that was it. I went home and continued the rest of the day in a hungover stupor. I didn't even mention it to anyone until now. But for a moment I was the answer to someone's prayer.

It seems ridiculous to me, though. I don't think this is the sort of thing one should "pray" about. Brotherly-love should be freely given. Not just during Advent. I acted on instinct. I’m sure some other thief would instinctively keep running. Its discouraging to think that had the old man fell in Rich's, he would be trampled to death. I found him in the parking lot.

Think I'll listen to my newly acquired Cyndi Lauper "Seems Like Christmas" cd when I go home tonight.

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