Friday, December 31, 2004

2004, come and gone…

Well here it is. The last of day of 2004. Like the end of every year, I am surprised at how quickly time has gone by. Where did it all go? Did I do something this year that will be memorable when I’m old, sitting on my rocking chair on my porch and yelling at children passing by?

Looking back at this year, there were things that were significant that I accomplished. I moved to a new state to take a new job. Moving away from the beautiful Colorado Springs to the flatlands of Kansas. I could’ve move to NYC and worked in Manhattan, but I chose what was best for my professional life. Grrr.

I also finished and received my degree this year. After about 6 years, I finished a big ass paper that is my dissertation. It’s long and I even sneaked in a page of ranting on the problems with clinical psychology. Ha. Dissertations are funny. For all the time and work put into it, your crowning achievement on paper will probably only be read by about 10 people at the most.

This may not be a big deal to everyone else, but it was to me. The county that I live in is incredibly snooty and because of that, they do not have Laundromats in the county (don’t want the bad elements here or some crap like that). So I had to buy a washer/dryer. I mean really. Me? With my own washer/dryer? Ok, now I feel old.

Oh yea, new TV! Yay!

Those were just some of the bigger changes I can think of right now. Even with those changes, I like to say that there are some things that are staying strong with me. Things like Pup. Another year down buddy. Bone to cotton/plush, dust to dust. BTW, Pup is now 25. Finally, his car insurance will go down.

Big red is still with me. My car has some problems every now and then, but overall, she’s a good car. I’m glad to have her. I don’t care that she was rated one of the worst cars ever made, she’s my car damn it and we’ll take care of each other till I need to start duct taping things together. All you wealthy people that lives around me with your gaudy SUVs, mid-life crisis sport cars, and spoiled little brats with their nice cars can all kiss my ass. Hub caps? Big Red don’t need no stinking hub caps.

Now notice there isn’t any mention of any achievements in my personal life. It’s not that I’m shy or don’t want to mention that here on my blog, but frankly, it was quite sparse in 04’. I took a job for my professional reasons, knowing fully that it would be almost disastrous for my personal life. I spent a good amount of time also obsessing over the dissertation. That will stop in 05’.

2005 will be the year that I focus on the personal life. I will not make a decision simply because it will be good for me professionally. If I move this year, it’ll be to somewhere I want to be. Somewhere with friends and family. There are lands beyond the boundaries of the oceans that I would like to explore (Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean’s). I would like to explore these foreign lands with someone. This year, more than anytime before, I’ll be looking.

I sure hope that statement about when you’re looking you’ll never find it crap isn’t true.

I guess the last major event of the year that has influenced me is the whole blogging thing. I started the page after reading the Furdell’s consistently funny page all these years. It was a good outlet for what’s on Pup’s mind. Even if it didn’t really make sense a lot of the times. I’ve “met” some very wonderful and interesting people in this experience. Amazing how you can get to know someone thousands of miles away without actually ever seeing, hearing, or being around them. I’m looking forward to next year to meet some of you in person…. Clean off an extra space on the sofa for me, cause the Pup’s coming. The Pup will be spread around the world!! Bwahahaahaha..

Oops.. sorry, got off track there. That was supposed to be a quite goal. And no, the Pup is not some STD or anything. :p It's more like a way of life :)

Well, that’s about all for this year and this last post of the year.

Have a very Happy New Years Eve everyone. I’m glad to know you, if only electronically. Can’t wait to see what next year will bring for everyone.

Get totally hammered tonight, but remember to be safe. The cops will be out in force tonight.

Happy New Years!

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