Thursday, June 16, 2005


I think the next time a wear a clean, new shirt to work and someone says, "Hey, T! Nice shirt! Where'd you get it?" I'll say, "Oh, I got it when I was in the Army. Standard issue."

Then the person will tell me to fuck off. Or the really annoying people will ask, "What squadron were you in?" Then I'll say, "I was in the "2 dash A" squad. That's right, the "dos alphas" in the house!"

When I used to go out I always carried a book. Yup. Whenever I went to the mall, or a park, or a coffee shop, whatever I had me a book. I not easily motivated to "go out." Mainly I'm afraid of interacting with people. But if I have a book, then I've got protection.

It's so aggravating to read the same page over and over again because some person interrupts me by asking, "What you reading?" I always say "A BOOK!" Now I don't go out much. Or at least when I'm out I don't carry a book, I got my gamboy instead. Only once did a kid ask me what I was playing. Guess what I told him?

So I'm me. Mister Avoidance. I do nothing of great significance and share nothing with no one. I don't like you. And, DON'T TOUCH ME!!!

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