Monday, June 27, 2005

Not that I’m one to complain… but…

I don’t even want to talk about last Thursday. It was just bad bad bad. I played like total trash. I think I got myself a bit too worked up and my tummy was feeling all kinds of knotty so I didn’t feel well and played crappy. That's no excuse though. I had a couple of turnovers, had a 3 points scored on me, the list goes on.

It was a close and easily winnable game, we lost 13-11. We were actually leading at least half the game. We were without one of our best players and 2 other good players and they were fully stocked and made some really bad calls. Still no excuse though.

We’ll see them again soon. Yes... we certainly will.

Then I leave our defeat only to watch the Pistons lose it at the end too. How frustrating.

Ok, I guess I kinda wanted to talk about it.

You know that new awesome super fast cable modem that I got last week? Well, it doesn’t work (sorry it cut off on you like that Ms. Gulia). Its worked for about 2 hours in the whole last week. They’re having a guy come by to check it out later today. How annoying.

This weekend, a co-worker was throwing a party at her place and she had asked that I DJ. However, when I asked what kind of music she wanted me to play, she mentioned mostly rock, metal bands, and some stuff that you would hear at weddings. Of course you know I can’t stand that, so I kindly refused.

However, since she didn’t have any music equipment (her 70s boom box only had a cassette player), I offered to bring my equipment, but told her strictly that she would have to provide her own music.

So I went over there on Saturday night and set up the equipment and she handed me 3 CDs. She said she made a mix and I can just play them and not have to worry about manning the booth.

When I put in the first CD, guess what song it was?

Yup. The bane I’ve spoke of the last time I DJ-ed.

Rick Springfield – Jesse’s Girl.

Oh my good lord.

Later, I got tired of this music and went to my car to bring some decent music to play. When I was fumbling with the equipment, a couple of people came up to request some music. None of which I had.

Then someone said the phrase which is the reason I don’t DJ at things like this.

“Do you have any ______? “


“But you had Rick Springfield…”


I then proceeded to drink myself silly.


In scary news of the day. In a recent poll by the Kansas City Star, the results found that when asked their views of the origin of life, Kansans answered:
- 39 percent said creationism
- 26 percent said evolution
- 16 percent said intelligent design
- 19 percent said other

When asked which direction the board (school) should take,
- 31 percent said it should require that theories other than evolution be offered
- 24 percent said criticism of evolution should be allowed
- 25 percent said only evolution should be taught
- 20 percent were not sure.

The scary thing is not that only 26% believes in evolution, but that they’ve actually integrated intelligent design enough that it is being separated out as a different category then creationism. People! It's the same damn thing!!!

To think that if something omnipotent was in charge, why would it bother with the process of evolving anything? All powerful people. Do you know what that means? All knowing..

What? You think it just evolved things for kicks? Why? It knows what will happen.


I could go on, but I shall refrain as there's tons of work I need to get done.

Anyway, I feel bad for all these kids that are going to learn some crazy ass misinformed. With the government already lying to them, and now the schools, they don't have much of a chance.

Have a good week everyone!

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