Thursday, June 02, 2005

Look what else I made in class!

Shut up, stain glass is cool. You just wait till I make a giant stain glass Pup to put up in my future house that I will be building. It’ll have some kick ass features like secret rooms, secret tunnels, and at least one portrait where you can take out the eyes and stare from behind the walls. If I can't have that on an island, I'll have it somewhere damn it.

As you can see from my mood, I have a bit of a hangover today. I almost never get hangovers, but I did something I knew better not to. I drank some Fat Tire beer. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with this beer, but it’s a microbrew out of Colorado. It’s very delicious and I like it a lot. However, for some reason, one or two pints and I’m hammered. When I lived in Colorado, one would actually have gotten me quite buzzed vs. 6 Coors Light which would do jack squat.

I don’t know what it is about this beer, my body doesn’t seem to process it very well. It’s all nice going down, but coming back up is not pleasant. Nope, not at all. There's a high chance of that every time I drink it too. No matter how few I have. Also unlike getting drunk from other things, Fat Tire leaves me with a hangover the next morning. Urg.. stupid hangover. I didn’t even really drink all that much, even though it was free beer (Fat Tire) night.

I was reminded that Ultimate Summer League starts today!! Crap. I forgot all about it. Especially the registration part. That’s why I went to the bar last night because they were doing registration and free beer. There are no ultimate events without beer. That’s just a fact. It always amazes me, these ultimate guys and gals, who are probably some of the most in-shape people around, that they do so much drinking, smoking, and other types of smoking.

On an interesting note, talking to one of the captains last night, he told me I was on a sleeper list. What they do for summer league is that they play a game tonight where it's basically just pick-up. The captains walk around and evaluate the players. Then this weekend there's a draft. So basically, I'm not good enough as a first or second round pick, but could end up on a good team because no one knows about my mad skillz. Yea, with a z.

OK, so it was interesting to me. I do need to step it up this year though. It's time for them to know Ultimate Pup!

I’m taking off later today for a couple of days in ATL, then off to North Carolina for a wedding. All of which I should’ve been getting ready for last night, but the sudden plan to go register changed all that. I wasn’t about to do anything when I got home, so I had to pack this morning. That really didn’t work out. I do not recommend packing with a hangover.

I’m really hoping its ok to wear jeans and a t-shirt to the rehearsal dinner cause I think that’s all I packed. I may have packed this new shirt that I bought for $1.97!!! It says “Ohio, Living in Paradise”. Yea, just had to throw that in that I bought a new shirt for $1.97. Damn I’m smooth.

I’ll be back next week.

Play nice with each other!

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