Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Equal Rights – Nothing More, Nothing Less

When you first read this statement, I think most civilized and educated persons would agree that it is an ideal state. It is something that we as a civilization have tried to work towards. No longer are the barbaric days of enslaving certain races, or making certain groups of people 2nd class citizens acceptable behavior.

However, just because the civilized and the educated doesn’t believe it is acceptable behavior doesn’t mean it doesn’t still happen. The slave trade is still very much alive and well in the sex and agriculture industries. Hundreds of thousands of women are bought, sold, and trafficked around the world each year. If you don’t think so or would even disagree at the slightest, I strongly suggest you open your eyes and do some research. Although not from the popular media as something as trivial as women being enslaved to be sex workers would NEVER be newsworthy enough for the likes of Fox News.

Along those lines, the gay community continues to be the source of hate and discrimination in our society today. They are 2nd class citizen with all the rights to pay taxes, but without any of the privilages that their taxes should bring them. And for what? For something that they are born with?

Did you wake up one day and decided you’re going to be heterosexual? That women/men (depending on your gender) is the one you’re going to be attracted to? Did someone have to ‘teach’ you to be attracted to the right gender? No, it comes natural, just as it does for everyone.

What I really don’t understand is what people are afraid of from the Gay Community? What types of crimes do you EVER hear that population commit? In general, they are better educated, upper middle class people who live lives that has nothing to do with you. They pay taxes just like you, follow all the laws just like you, live just like you. All they want is to be treated like everyone else. Is that such a radical request?

Is it this mysterious ‘Gay Agenda’ the Christian conservative hate groups keeps talking about? If there was a Gay Agenda, it would be “Equal Rights”, and if you’re against that, then you may want to think about your beliefs. Also, if you think your God doesn’t believe in equal rights for ALL people, and would EVER preach hate, then your God is not one to be worshipped.

I could spout off on the religious reason that people give for being against homosexuality, but I won’t as that would take too long. One different point I would like to go into here is this homophobic fear people have.

If you’ve read this blog, you probably see that I’m very much for Equality. I’ve spoken for Gay rights quite a few times. Does that make me any less straight? Am I all of a sudden becoming more gay or attracted to males? Not so much. I don’t think anything can sway me from Dushku.

For once in your life, all you homophobics out there, think clearly for once. Letting people live their lives will have absolutely NO effect in your life. You will not magically turn gay if you’re exposed to it (unless of course you’re in the closet as so many of these high profile anti-Gay politicians seem to be). Promoting equality and loving all people will be a GOOD thing in your God’s eye.

If you truly are patriotic and believe in this country and what it stands for, if you believe in a civilized world where you are not discriminated by something you’re born with, if you don't think our country should be run by religious principles (as other certain middle eastern countries that we have deemed 'evil'), you will think twice before supporting anyone who would stand up and yell about discrimination and hate and hide themselves behind the shield of religion.

If you belong to any minority group, you too should feel their pain of trying to fight a majority that is discrimination against a group for something they cannot help. Remember also, if you want to use the good book as an guide, among other things, the bible says slavery is acceptable. So you may want to think twice before using it strickly word for word.

There will always be those who think the civil rights movement of the 60s or women's suffage was a bad thing, just as there will always be those who think giving equal rights to everyone is a bad thing. We can’t let this minority rule and the doctrine of hate continue to poison our society.

Celebrate Pride Week this week!

Just wondering, why haven’t I seen any stories about Pride week from this “liberal” media people keeps talking about?

Happy Pride Wednesday!

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