Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mid Year Already...

And I've talked to one girl. Well Pup gave me half credit for that one, so does that count as half a girl?

The odd thing I've noticed is that I haven't really talked to many guys either. Now wait a cotton pickin' minute! T aint gay!!! I'm just sayin' when it come to talking to people, the T would rather not!!! And another thing, DON'T TOUCH ME!!!

Well magic night has been cancelled this week, boo. It's a shame too because I'm so ready to throw down my killer round three combo. Then by round four, game over, I WIN!!!

Anyway, Magic night will resume next week. Maybe tomorrow night instead of gaming I'll talk to the other half of the girl from before. I might get lucky and find a whole girl.

Did Trent Reznor just say conquistador?

Okay, here is my message to the world: IF YOU'RE A GIRL, I HOPE U DON'T MIND, BUT CAN I TALK TO YOU? I PROMISE TO CLEAN MY CAR!!!

That's all I got.

Forever nappy,

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