Monday, June 20, 2005

Why haven’t I won the lottery yet?

The weather last evening was so perfect. It was just before dusk and it was still light outside. Everything had a nice orange glow from the falling sun. The weather had cooled a bit to a nice mid-high 70s from the early 90 degrees that was scorching me during my Frisbee time in the afternoon.

We just had dinner (yummy roast and 'taters) and drove to a Custer (ice-cream) stand where delicious ice-cream was to be had. Since I live in a ridiculously wealthy suburbia county, we kept seeing these big-ass SUVs and Mini-vans. Most of the times these huge vehicles were driven by little women. It’s kinda funny.

I saw a new H3. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worst than the H2, the H3 is just plain silly. It's suppose to be a mid-size hummer. Like that's suppose to be better. It also advertises the fact that it would drive through water (up to 24 inces). Not suprisingly, I couldn't find the miles per gallon this thing does. I would hope it's a improvement from the 11 MPG the H2 gets.

I parked big red next to this monstrosity. I was secretly hoping the H3 would nick poor big red cause then I would have a good excuse to slash his/her tires.

After the ice-cream (I had the worm farm, Oreos and gummy worms), came my favorite part of the outing. We drove around the really really nice sub-divisions that surrounds my little apartment. There’s a nice golf course right behind where I live, and the houses that overlooks the course are just ridiculously nice.

We saw cottage-like ones, castle style, traditional ones, Roman-type column houses, and lots others that were all unique. The only thing similar about them was that they were all HUGE. These houses were just incredible. One thing I didn’t like about some of the houses was that some had front doors that were made from decorative iron bars with glass behind it. It looks nice, but having iron bars on your door and windows is just ghetto. Maybe that's just bias from where I come from.

My idea for a front door when I build my house is to go to Europe or Asia first. There are many places where you can buy doors that were used and taken from palaces or castles. These doors are the real thing. They were made with the ability to withstand sieges. Now that’s the kinda door I’m talking about.

I’ll be laughing when the cops try to break down the door with their little door crusher thing (Never mind all the windows in the back of the house). Then I will shoot them from my towers and hide in the secretly passages all through the house.


We took one of the sale brochures for one of the places we saw. Yea, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths was going for the very reasonable price of $974,000. It’s a bargain I tell ya!

It wouldn't be that big of a problem if I won the lottery though. Although if I won the lottery, it would be evil island life for me. Unless it's a small jackpot, I would still move away from here though.

Have I mentioned I still have yet to hit even one number on any lottery ticket I've EVER bought?

After looking at all these house, my apartment felt really small when we got back home. Suck. It was still fun going to look at the good life.

BTW, guess who just got their cable modem connected and will be online all the time now?!!

That’s right. I’ve caved in to high-speed goodness. I’ll be canceling my home phone line soon, so it’ll actually come out to be cheaper for me. That’s right. Still a cheap bastard, but now a high-speed cheap bastard.

Happy Monday!

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