Thursday, July 07, 2005

From Pup and I,

All our deepest condolences to London and the rest of Great Britain. All the best in a speedy recovery.

As for you who have already claimed responsibility for this.

You fucking wanker fucks. Just like in NYC and in Madrid, you attacked London around 8:45am during the height when people are using the trains and buses to get to work. Work, that must be a great evil to you huh because it’s such a foreign concept.

You bunch of lazy ignorant uneducated fuck wads that couldn’t hold down a job at a crack house who is only interested in playing your little fucking games all day. Yea, you heard me. You’re not doing any ‘greater’ work for anyone. You’re playing games little children would pretend to. Stuck in your own twisted imagery world. Most children outgrow that, but no, not you. You still live in a little pretend world, but now you’re actually hurting people.

You don’t and will NEVER make the world a ‘better’ place because you have no idea what that even looks like. You were never educated on what that would even remotely look like. Your pathetic neanderthal minds have never evolved past your id, and as such, can’t possibly understand anything past your impulses.

Don’t think you can, even for a second, grasp such a grand concept as knowing how the world should be run. Leave those to those of us who can think. Meanwhile, stop playing your little childish games.

You’re pathetic. You couldn’t manage the fries at a McDonald’s.

This is not the military you’re attacking. What? Don’t have any balls? Afraid of people shooting back at you? Afraid of taking on someone of your equal or better? You know who does that? Cowards.

You claim to be vengence, but you are nothing. You don't even understand the concept that you proported work under because if you did, you would understand that nothing you have done has anything to do with vengence.

These are regular people who are going to work. That’s all they’re doing. Why don’t you try getting a fucking job you worthless piece of trash? What? Is that too grown-up for you? No more playing little war games all day?

Attacking and killing regular people is without honor. Of course you wouldn’t understand that. Children and the ignorant surly don’t.

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