Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sometimes I feel like Shinji Ikari

"Don't touch me!" -- Shinji
"Hey, don't talk about me that way!" -- Shinji
"I never thought doing nothing could be this exhausting" -- Shinji

Asuka and Shinji watch their classmates fly off, and later that day Shinji sits by his laptop doing his Physics homework by the swimming pool where Rei is swimming. Asuka's voice is heard asking him what he's doing and he says Physics. He looks at her, shocked by her provocative outfit -- Asuka is wearing a red and white bikini! She bends over him reaching the computer screen. This makes Shinji very uncomfortable. Without effort Asuka solves most of the questions. Shinji asks how come she's doing so bad in school, if she finds this so easy. She tells him that she graduated from college, but she cannot understand the Kanji in the questions. Then she asks him what the next question says for which he replies it's one on thermal expansion. Asuka then places her hands on her breasts and says, "If I were to warm up my breasts like this, do you think they'll get bigger or smaller?" An embarrassed Shinji quickly turns away extremely flushed and mumbles, "I don't know! I don't think about stuff like that!" To which Asuka says, "What a boring little boy," and walks off. Shinji looks over at Rei who has just gotten out of the pool. Asuka says, "Look at me!" as she back-rolls into the pool. Shinji sighs.

Daytona was a blast, though Datonya stood me up.

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