Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Let me tell you what you have done.

For all of you that voted for W. because you thought his asinine cowboy antics would make us safer, this is what you have done.

When Bin Laden and Al-Qaida attacked NYC, it was a group of misguided people with a single mastermind intent on bring death and destruction at the helm. They were real and physical. We can and was doing a good job in hunting down this group and their leaders that were responsible for what happened. This group of people could be dealt with.

If we would have continued with our focus to fight and capture this group and their leaders, this would have sent a clear and defining message that we will catch you and bring you to justice if you screw with us. End of story.

That’s not what happened though. Just when we were getting close to rounding up all the leadership members of Al-Qaida, and most importantly Bin Laden, W begins his personal war against Iraq.

With the Iraq war, he has not helped anything concerning terrorism. What he done is open the Pandora’s box on terrorism. What was once contained is now spread and even worst, less centralized.

With his rhetoric and focus on ‘evil’ and ‘terrorism’ instead of just a few rogue people that we can capture and kill, he has elevated the status of Al-Qaida and Bin Laden into something more. Something more than just a group of thugs and murders.

W has given them what this group of narcissistic thugs has wanted all along. He has transcended this group into an idea and has spread their idea all over the world.

There has always been terrorism, and there will always be terrorism, that’s just a fact we all need to live with. BUT. The question is at what level and how effective these terrorist will be. If W had gone after Al-Qaida and captured Bin Laden, he would have done a great deed in containing terrorism because at that point, terrorism was associated with only them.

Instead, he went on a wild goose hunt after Saddam and perpetuated this ‘evil’ and ‘terrorism’, and in so, helped mutate terrorism from just Al-Qaida into something global. His talks put the fear in us and that’s exactly what the terrorist wanted. Terrorist wants to incite fear. They feed off the fear that W has instilled in us and it has given them life.

Thanks to you all, ending terrorism is farther away now than ever. It will not end now, and it’ll become harder and harder to combat as it has mutated from a physical form embodied by people, people that you can capture and kill, into a pure ideal that is spread like an airborne disease which is both very difficult to contain and near impossible to stop.

The arrogance of W and his cronies has given the final strike of lighting that this beast needed in order to live. Now terrorism, the jihad that they think they’re fighting, is self sustaining. These ‘holy warriors’ needs no leader (as they are now only lead by their ideal), and are too far from reason, and will be more than difficult to stop.

Instead of containment, and working for real ways to stop these crazies (which does not include invading a country), he has released and freed them from any chains they had to Al-Qaida and Bin Laden. They are now all free to do as they will, with no form of structure. This mutation will be much more dangerous than anything we’ve seen before.

Thanks a lot.

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