Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Now... Isn't that Special?

For those of you that aren’t up on this topic, former diplomat Wilson wrote a report and went public citing that Bush had exaggerated claims that Saddam was trying to purchase supplies for nuclear weapons in Nigeria. And as we know now, was correct in his report and findings.

Instead of having an appropriate response for these questions and allegations when they were raised, the Bush administration began a smear campaign to discredit Wilson.

Now, his puppet master, Karl Rove, is under fire for leaking the source of information which lead Wilson to travel to Nigeria for his report. What would you think W and the rest of the GOP is going to do? Would W keep his word from earlier in the year when asked, he said ‘if any White House officials were involved, they would be fired’?

Oh, don’t be silly. Apparently, they are above the law. It also seems that half of the government will be out there doing whatever they need to in order to protect their puppet master.


GOP strategy
The emerging GOP strategy -- devised by Mehlman and other Rove loyalists outside of the White House -- is to try to undermine those Democrats calling for Rove's ouster, play down Rove's role and wait for President Bush's forthcoming Supreme Court selection to drown out the controversy, according to several high-level Republicans.

The White House said Bush retains full confidence in Rove, but for a second day officials would not answer a barrage of questions about Rove's role in the leak scandal on the grounds that the investigation is not complete. But the RNC -- effectively Bush's political arm -- weighed into the controversy in a major fashion.

Mehlman, who said he talked with Rove several times in recent days, instructed GOP legislators, lobbyists and state officials to accuse Democrats of dirty politics and argue Rove was guilty of nothing more than discouraging a reporter from writing an inaccurate story, according to RNC talking points circulated yesterday.

"Republicans should stop holding back and go on the offense: fire enough bullets the other way until the Supreme Court overtakes" events, said Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.).

Go on the offense. That seems to be the only strategy the Republicans EVER has. Is this really the only thing you can come up with? When have you all become so simple minded as to think that attacking things is the only way to solve a problem.

Just like Terrorism, you don’t look at what the actual root cause of the problem is. Instead, you go after symptoms with gun blazing. Fantastic.

Instead of admitting and fixing the seemingly power-drunk megalomaniac that is the Karl Rove problem, you go and attack those that speak up against it? What kind of coward are you all? What kinds of role model are you and this administration setting by hiding behind a lawyer’s carefully scripted line of ‘well, he didn’t actually give out her name’.

How many wives did Wilson have in the CIA? It’s not that hard to put the pieces together.

As far as diversion tactics until the supreme court nominee are announced, What kind of devious, deceitful scheme is that? To divert attention? That’s your plan for solving a potentially life-threatening leak with a high-ranking official in the government?

Yes, nothing happened this time, but having a covert secret agent’s name leaked is a big deal. They could easily have been found and shot. Your Dad (Bush Sr.), made that law. He was head of the CIA, he understood what it meant. Apparently that patriotism missed the son. You are going to protect a person that is willing to sacrifice a covert CIA agent just to get your/his way on starting a war?

You make me fucking sick.

What kind of government are you running up there W? You don’t hold yourself or anyone else in your administration accountable and you simply hide their mistakes when they are caught? Is that being a great leader and example to the rest of the nation?

I guess the Enron guys weren’t that bad. I mean, the president does pretty much the same thing with diverting attention from smoking guns, lying to people in their face, not having any type of accountability, and going after anyone that has the balls to have another point of view.

Steroids. Yea, that’s what ruining our country. Oh yea, and that damn gay marriage. We put an amendment against that and we're all set.


So is this what we do with people that disagree W? We discredit them so no one will listen to them? Will no one in the GOP and the Bush administration actually care about facts and doing what’s right? You know, you're only one step from just outright killing people who have different opinions. You know, what Saddam does.

There is no better example that this administration cares only for themselves and those around them. Just as they only help the rich and the religious zealots that get them votes, they are willing to bend the law and deceive public perception in order to protect one of their own.

I don’t care if Rove goes to jail or not, but I would like the administration for ONCE, just once, do something right. Admit someone in your administration has done something wrong. Admit for once that you don’t think you’re above the law.

For once, actually do something to fix your creditability.


Good luck Space Shuttle!! Be safe and come back with cool stuff!

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