Friday, July 22, 2005

Things on my mind

It’s been mucho busy here at work, so not much for blogging time. Feeling kinda crappy doesn’t put you in a mood to blog either. Feeling much better today though, so here we are.

I’m the picture of self control. I still have about 150 pages left of Potter. I can’t believe I was able to stretch it out for almost a whole week! I think I like this method much better than speeding through it.

I need to stop saying “Totally”. I’ve noticed I say that a lot, even at work. It makes me sound like a 14 yr old girl. That totally doesn’t make me look professional. Crap. Did it again.

I’ve been making random comments lately. That’s not new, but after I make one, I would say, “that’s neither here nor there”. I don’t know how or why I started doing this, but that should stop too.

I’m going to have to find ways to amuse myself this weekend. EVERYONE, I mean everyone (all 5 people I know) here in KC are leaving town for the weekend. My original plans fell through, so… anyone want to come visit?

We lost again at Ultimate last night. That puts us at 3-3 for the season. We lost our best player due to traveling (till the playoffs), and our 2nd best player to injury. I think it was a good game for the team though as we got much closer as a team and played much more aggressively. So go team! Besides, it’s all about the playoffs.

I washed Big Red at one of these do-it-yourself car wash places yesterday. I love using that water sprayer they’ve got. Man, that water pressure can take off skin! Fun Fun Fun! Big red’s all clean and pretty once again.

I feel like I’m cheating, but I was looking at other cars the other day. Shhhh… Don’t tell Big Red. I think I’ve decided on a Black Toyota Matrix. I’m going to tint the window and install some green LED lights on the inside so it glows eerie green lights at night. I’m so Ghetto.

FU Fridays!

Here’s a fun little thing after a long week that I like to call FU Fridays. Feel free to join in.

A Big FU goes out to:

All you little self-serving puppets out there trying to protect the guy that pulls your strings (Karl Rove). Listen. He did it. He knowingly did it. Have some damn balls and say he’s wrong for it. FU.

Big fucken SUVs that I can’t see over. And when I try to pass you, you swerve in the middle taking up both lanes. When I finally do pass you, I see that you’re driving like a drunk cause you’re on the phone. FU.

A big FU goes out to you blockbuster lady. I was following behind this lady and her daughter the other day as they were trying to choose a movie. The daughter, who’s probably around 21, was picking some movies, and each time, the mom would say no, citing some minor sexual content as the reason.

Then she selects ‘Hostage’ as a movie for them to watch in which she says ‘How about this one? There’s only violence in this one’.

WTF?! What the hell are you people’s priorities? When did violence become more acceptable than some minor sexual situations? It’s not like the daughter was renting porn or anything. This whole fear of sexuality thing has GOT to stop. Yea, big FU to you lady.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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