Monday, July 18, 2005

Potter Restriction

When the last Potter book came out, I was more than excited. I was a bit obsessed with the whole thing. This was because I haven’t really been interested in the books until right before the 5th book was about to come out. I had just finished all 4 book in a row when the order of the phoenix (5th book) came out.

So I was there at midnight with the other crazies when the book was released. Not surprisingly, the crazies consisted mostly of under 13yr olds and their seemingly tired and annoyed parents. Of course, there was some old dude that was giving everyone the creeps (no, it wasn’t me). But that’s neither here nor there.

When I got my book home, I immediately started reading. I was a man obsessed. What is this order of the phoenix and what major character was going to get killed??!! I must know damn it!! I must know!

I read and read through the whole weekend. By early Monday morning, I had finished over 600 pages.

In the mist of the rush to get to end, I think I really missed out on something. Like spending 30 minutes with a 3 dollar prostitute with a crack problem, I was left a bit unsatisfied.

I wasn’t disappointed by the book or anything. I couldn’t put the book down and the story was quite captivating. It was great, but I thought I went through the process too quickly to really enjoy it.

So when the new Potter book came out, I made some rules for myself. I am only allowed 5 chapters a day. I want to stretch this out and enjoy it slowly. I must admit, it’s agonizing, but I’m committed. After each day’s reading (of course, it’s done as the first thing after I wake up), I think about the book the rest of the day and make up my own storylines as to what will happen to our ‘chosen one’.

I am having quite a good time with it reading it slowly. Although the suspense is killing me.

So here I am blogging to kill some time in between reads. I also went to see ‘wedding crashers’ this weekend which I highly recommend. Other than the hilarity that is Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, it actually has a decent cheesy movie behind it too.

That and lots and lots of boobs.

Have a good Monday!

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