Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Busy De-stress Post

I'm quite busy right now. Probably the busiest I've ever been at work. If you saw what was on my plate here right now, it would scare ya. Ok, maybe not, but it scares me.

So I’m taking mini-breaks and writing what’s on my mind while I’m working furiously.


Why don't I have an Office Manager?

I really could use an office manager. Damn, I have no idea how to reserve meeting rooms and I need someone to take notes for me.

A summer Intern would be nice. Especially if I get to choose. Ha.



No Gwar for me tonight.

Not because I'm not going. I just have the dates wrong. It's next Tuesday. I must wait one more week to have weird substances splashed on me.


Why is it that not more women wear green eye shadow? That’s totally hot.


How come women can wear flip flops to work and I can’t?


I’m drinking really flat coke left over from a meeting a week ago. Ewww.

It’s weird to taste coke without having Jack or Rum in it.



You know what would be a kick ass toy? A giant replica of the evil monkey pointing at you from the family guy. I’d get one for the office and point it at people. I’d also have one at home to scare myself with when I forget.

That’d be Brilliant.


More updates later. Time for lots of meetings.

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