Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Finally… The Pup has come back to blogsville…

Can you smell what the Pup is cooking?
I’m back in the working world once again. I had 86 work emails waiting for me when I got back. I so shouldn’t be this popular. If I’m getting 86 emails, at least 10 of them should involve porn, but noooo. So I could/should be answering the emails, but I think I’ll blog instead.

It’s driving me nuts to see that I haven’t posted anything in almost a week.

So this is what I have learned this past week.

1. If there is a wedding involving a white family and a Puerto Rican family, the dance floor will be exclusively Puerto Rican (with plenty of representin' from Pup).

2. My alcohol tolerance is way scary high. I’m going to have to cut back.

3. You may be crazy if… You took your children (4 adults) and grandchildren (1 set infant twins, 6 children under 3) to Costa Rica with a 7 hour layover in Atlanta. By the time they got on the plane (and made me move 2x to get away from them), the kids were less than pleasant. Good times on planning that trip.

4. I hate flying home with no one to greet me at the gate. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I swear I’m just going to pick someone random and hug and kiss them next time.

5. I think I’m one of the more energetic people I know. I baby sat my nephew for a day and I almost passed out by 8pm.

6. There’s something awesome about going to pick up a kid (nephew again) from school and when they see you looking through the window, their face lights up and drop everything in their hands and come running into your arms all happy.

7. It’s very sad and hard to explain to a crying 1.5 yr. old (when he realizes you’re leaving) that Uncle Pup will be back in 3 weeks.

8. Spending $150 on food and alcohol with one of my oldest friend just talking for hours and drunk calling people is an expense I will be more than happy to make any day of the week.

That’s about it for now. Now on to the emails…

Hope everyone had a good Turkey day.. Gobble.. Gobble..

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