Monday, November 01, 2004

Monday Quicky

Hello, I’m back. A total of only 6 hours of time was wasted with sleep between waking up on Friday till passing out tired on the plane ride on the way home Sunday night.

Much fun was had by all (I hope). If you were one of the lucky winners that got a crazy call at 4 or 5am on Sunday morning… Yay for you!

You lucky winner you. Well, not so much lucky I guess.

Yes, I call people at random times. So, what's your number?

I’ll post stories from the trip later. Mucho busy.

On a unrelated note:

Something perhaps a bit heavy for a Monday, but wanted to share a nice article I found this morning concerning the hypocrisy and total flawed thinking of the majority of Christians today. This from a Christian's point of view.

No Longer a Christian

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