Monday, November 22, 2004


Looking back, the night of my bachelor party was rather surreal and magical. Saturday had an ominous beginning. It was a cloudy and overcast day. I was still tired as hell and a little groggy from all the drinking that we were doing the night before. The action didn’t really start until we checked into the hotel in the heart of Philadelphia at around 5:30 in the afternoon. It was there that Ko’s Wild Ride officially began. I was handed a list with 10 acts that needed to be performed by 1 AM. Some of you might be wondering what’s on this magical typed list of things to do. Well, here it is

Kiss a girl, whose name is Jenny, on the cheeks. (My fiancee's name is Jenny)
Have a girl buy you a drink
Get a girl’s underwear (bra or panties)
Have a girl do a body shot off of you (or do a body shot off a girl)
Dance by yourself on the dance floor (I am a terrible dancer; it's a scary sight. People went blind from watching me dance)
Have people you don’t know write on the back of this list why you should NOT get married.
Serenade a girl at a bar that you don’t know (much like the dancing; something that I am so horrible at that people around the bar went deaf)
Find a Bachelorette party or a party of girls and get in a picture with them
Get the phone number of any girl that’s present
Get spanked by 3 or more girls

For every item not completed, I was supposed to take a shot of Jaegermister; yes, Pup can be a cruel stuffed bear sometimes. Let me let you in on a little secret about me; I am a cheap date….a super duper cheap date. Two drinks is all that it takes for me to have a great time. Anyways, the gang (Pup, Spammy, Multi-cultural Boy, The Cuz, and The Canadian) then all proceeded to take bets on how many of these items I would actually complete. Losers would pay for and take as many shots as needed with me.

Spammy – 5
Pup – 6
The Canadian – 7
The Cuz – 8
MCB – 9

After carefully reviewing the list, I thought to myself. Nine out of ten things on this list are really not that hard to do. I can get this shit done in 2 or 3 hours in the right setting; the tricky one will probably be the one involving undergarments…

To be continued…

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