Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I can’t leave Ice!! I can’t leave my wingman!

While Ko is busy with the invitations, I will step in for a second here. I had an awesome time in Philly at Ko’s Bachelor party this last weekend. I’m not going into details here. The only thing I will say is.. Ko’s my hero. Don’t underestimate the Kojo (Ko’s Mojo).

I want to point out something that I experienced this weekend. This is something that I knew is true, I know it happens, but I have always thought it was done more covertly. On Saturday night, it wasn’t covert at all. It was out there in the open. The monster wasn’t sneaking around in the dark or hiding in the background, it was out in the middle of the street saying ‘bring it bitch!’

That which I experienced my friends, is the Classic Cock Block.

I’m sure all of you are familiar with this term, but just in case you’re not, here’s a quick reminder. Cock blocking (especially prevalent in pairs of girls) is when one of the girls acts as a wall/barrier when a guy approaches and is interested in getting to know one of them better. For whatever hateful reason they have, or under the big lie of ‘I’m protecting her’, the one that is receiving less attention or perceives to be receiving less attention often acts as the cock blocker.

So I knew this in theory. I knew it happens, but to see it in action was quite amazing. During the weekend, I approached 2 girls standing by the bar whom didn’t seem to be talking to each other and seem a bit bored. I went up and started talking to them. After a bit, it may have seemed that I was talking more to one of the girls (so there’s the cute one and the hateful cock block one). The hateful cock block one was not unattractive, but seemed to have a chip on her shoulder standing next to her friend. I made a very conscious effort to talk to both of them equally. Later, I talked to the cute one more not cause she was cuter, but she was actually talking and seemed interested. The other was just being generally hateful.

I would suggest some ideas that involved coming by and sitting with our group, getting another round, dancing with the Ko, etc. to the girls. Each time, the cute one was all for it. Each time, the hateful one stopped the cute one’s excitement with one classic hateful cock block statement after another. Here’s one great example. Ko is dancing and I asked if the girls would like to join him. Cute one is all excited and ready to go. Hateful one? “I don’t dance.” Result? Cute one saying “Maybe I’ll wait for the next song” WTF? Classic Cock Block.

So this little chess match went on for a bit, but there was too much blocking for my game. My game wasn’t all that strong to begin with, and with this wall, I had nothing. The cock block succeeds again.

I don’t tend to speak to random groups of girls very often. I’m just not that aggressive and generally shy, but I truly see the importance of having a good wingman. The wingman would’ve taken the hateful one out.

I needed a wingman that night. Where’s Goose?!


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