Thursday, November 18, 2004

Fear of a White Boobie

Enough of this sappy crap. Time to get the hate on. It’s time again for another edition of…

What the FUCK is wrong with you people?

I’m a little behind on this as I was posting sappy crap, but I assure you, I’ve been pissed about this since I heard of it. As some of you may or may not have seen, there are some people that are outraged at the intro commercial to the Monday Night Football game.

In the short intro for the Eagles-Cowboys game this past Monday night, a bare backed Nicollette Sheridan (of “Housewives”) threw off her towel and jumps into the arms of Terrell Owens.

Where in the Hell are you people seeing as a problem with this?!! The bare back got you a little too worked up? Maybe you should get the fuck out more. Is it the whole white woman jumping into the arms of a young black stud? Is that what you have a problem with you racist prick?!?

I guess that imagery plus the non-stop running of those damn erectile dysfunction drugs doesn’t make you look too good huh?

The only comments I’ve read about the complaints are that the intro was ‘inappropriate’. This is the intro to a football game. The number one mainstream outlet we have to organized violence. We have cheerleaders that are scantily clothed, that are out there for absolutely NO reason other than to look hot (Don’t kid yourselves with the cheering thing either. No one can hear except for the first 2 rows, and they got those tickets to stare, not listen). How is all that ok but a bare back lady gets you all up in arms?

Before you even begin to complain about this intro to the game, why don’t you spend your energy stopping those damn erectile dysfunction commercials that fucking runs every 3 minutes? If you can’t get it up anymore, maybe that’s just nature telling you you’re done and no one wants to fuck your nasty old ass. How is erectile dysfunction 'appropriate' for anyone?

Who the hell is a bare back ‘inappropriate’ to anyways? Kids? Are you seriously going to throw the ‘we’re ruining our kids’ argument on this one? You’re a parent. Act like one. How about not letting the kiddies watch TV huh? Oh, didn’t think of that one? Too damn busy complaining about other shit that’s ruining your kids? Hey, here’s a good idea, why don’t you try raising them yourselves instead of letting the TV do it?

What the fuck is wrong with you huh?

I’m not even here to just rant about you crazy ass right-wingers. What the hell is the NFL, ABC, the Eagles, and now Terrell Owens apologizing for? You have nothing to apologize for cause you didn’t do anything wrong!!! Stop caving to these damn insane tight ass fucks.

If you bible thumpers so believe in your bible, you should try reading it. There’s nothing in there about sex or sexuality being bad. Adam and Eve ran around buck ass naked in the garden and fucked to populate the planet (which btw, how you can believe 2 people can fuck enough to make a population of 6 billion that we have now is beyond me).

Guess what? Adam and Eve didn’t get kicked out of the Garden for being naked or fucking! How you like them apples huh? Get the shit straight!

As James has pointed out, what the hell is wrong with out society that we fear sexuality SOOOO damn much, but violence is so perfectly fine? Bare back not ok, but 3 hours of huge guys hitting each other is fine?

Read James' more civil and much more funnier post on this.

Argh.. I don’t understand you people.

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