Monday, November 08, 2004

Don’t call it a come back....

I know it’s about damn time I had a new post up. Of course, thanks to the other useless people who have posting rights on this page (yea you), I have to do all these postings. Not that I mind, it’s just been busy that’s all.

Like a lot of the other bloggers, I’m going to stop political stuff for a while as well. It’s just too damn sad and upsetting.

So now, this leaves more time for discussions about what’s in my head. Hmmm.. let’s see. Monkeys!! Screaming loud poop throwing monkeys are always in my head. Evil monkeys.
Not worth posting. Hmmm... something else...

I was in ATL this weekend for a friend’s wedding. It was so very nice. The pre-wedding drinking was nice. The 15 min. ceremony was very nice. The reception drinking was very fun and nice. The after party drinking was also awesome. Props to Ko for hooking up liquor after hours!

Got to meet some interesting people this weekend. Many of them are acquaintances from this same group of friends that all went to high school together that I met during college.

Of interest:
One girl at the wedding that looked EXACTLY like Liz Phair. I told her, but she didn’t know who Liz Phair was?!? Argh! I couldn’t really talk to her anymore after that. So I just stared at her from a distance (In case you didn’t know, I really like Liz).

Met an ex of the groom. For a whole decade, that’s right, decade, the 2 of us has managed to miss each other at every event that we should have seen each other in. Whether it was her or me that had to cancel at the last moment or something would come up, we never got to meet each other. Not that it was important that we meet or anything, it’s just that after a few years, it got kinda ridiculous. So the question of her even existing began a few years back. I started not believing that she actually existed. So naturally, everyone played along to my paranoia that this was all a hoax. So I finally met her at the wedding. I would love to tell you that there was a good story when we finally met, but it was very very anti-climatic.

I’m a big fan of a friend of theirs that live in the west coast. Think I may need to visit when I go out there next time.

Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes last week!! You guys are great! For some reason, the last three birthdays have been really been slow and tame. Boo. Oh well, there’s always next year.

More posts to follow.. promise.

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