Sunday, November 14, 2004

I’m never bored…. Cause I’m never boring.

That’s a statement that’s stuck with me for a while now… I’ve tried to make that true as an important part of who I am. If there is one thing that almost dying will show you, it’s that there’s really no time to waste. Don’t ever be bored. There’s just no excuse for it.

So for the first time in 4 weeks, I’m at home for the weekend. I sure do miss my nice apt.
It was also getting a bit messy from clothes, dishes, and crap being everywhere. So I cleaned everything and made the apt. smell really good. Mmmm.. good smelly apt.

The Apartment is happy now.

With all the fun things that I got for my birthday, I didn’t know where to begin. I could rip some people’s head and body parts off, sing some songs, dance dance, or play some awesome old 80s arcade games.

So the first thing I decided to do what to listen to a new CD that I got from my Bro. This new CD from Paul Van Dyk came with a DVD as an added bonus. The DVD was basically one huge long video for the CD. Mostly scenes from clubs and raves from around the world.

Damn, I was excited. I don’t usually have the attention span for videos and things like that, but this was mesmerizing. To see this world of clubbers and ravers from around the world, a scene that I’m still obsessed with and can’t seem to let go.

At points in the movie, I was just dancing in my apt. with the music blaring. I had my big dancey pants on anyway (cause it’s comfy), and so with the scenes from the DVD, I felt I was there dancing along side everywhere. Isn’t having a dissociative personality a great thing? I’m glad no one lives under me.

I worked on some dance moves. I ready for a dance off from any of you. Bring it. Just be ready to be served.

I watched the whole thing through. By the time I finished the DVD though, a nagging voice kept reminding me something. This kinda sucked as I think how old I am now.

I’m almost to the point of being that guy. You know that guy. The guy’s just a bit too old to be in certain places. A guy that’s perfectly harmless, but just a bit creepy. Yea, him. I’m going to be that guy soon.

Oh.. say it isn’t so.

Well, the day was going too well for that to ruin things. My other psyches ganged up on Mr. negativity there, beat the crap out of him, tied him up, and threw him in a closet. Now we’re back in business.

Well, shout out to my apartment! You're fun and good smelly and I can run around naked and you don't care. Hanging out with you kicks so much ass. Yay Apt.!

I'm not here on weekends a lot. I'm just giving some props. I hope everyone else's place is this much fun too.

There were loads of other fun stuff that I did on Saturday, but it’s boring to read, so I’ll save you the trouble. To cap off the saturday, I had a nice dinner involving meats on a stick and a crap load of drinking with some friends. By the way, you can NEVER go wrong with a meat on a stick (ok, it’s set up, someone knock it down).

Next weekend is KO’s bachelor party, or as it’s been named, KO’s last wild ride. Not that he’s had wild rides before, or will again after he gets married. It’s just that I really like Mr. Toad’s wild ride. Anyway, we’ll try to giv’em something to remember :)

A friend of mine had thrown a Halloween party that had over 100 people attending a couple of weeks ago. He had wanted me to DJ the event, but I had already gotten tickets for NYC, so no go on that one. I was pretty bummed about that (but not about hanging with the LiAps and the potential Anne)

BUT. My friend proposed the idea of throwing a big New Years Eve party that I’ll DJ at if it happens. I’m very very excited!!

(Yay Yay happy dance)

Oh please please please let it happen!!

I really hope it works out. Oh.. to be back behind the tables again. I got so excited I did a hour set today.

Hope everyone had a Mackatastic weekend!!

Monday. Bleh..

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