Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Once again, it’s story time. (con't)

Did you make sure you went to the bathroom first? Refreshed that 40? This is gonna be a long one. Sit back down and I'll finish my tale.

We were in the city to watch an opera at the MET that night. I do enjoy operas and I think she does too. That or she fakes it very well. After walking a bit, we decided to take a cab the rest of the way to get in on some pre-show fun. I picked up the tickets and we went in for a few drinks in the lobby.

Now as you could imagine, people who attends operas are generally older and more conservative folks. There I stood, nice flaming spiky orange hair. It was great to freak out some of the older folks. Generally, the crowd just rolled their eyes, but an older couple showed some love by telling me that my hair was a wonderful color and that it’s about time more diverse people came in here.

During the opera, it was so nice to have her by my arms. It’s not like we were holding hands or each other or anything, but just having my arms rest next to hers. The opera was great, I had this kick ass suit, and I had a great gal next to me. Nothing was going to make me feel bad that night. I felt so good. Everything was all right.

During the show, we were saying little things to each other about the show and doing little 3rd grade things during the boring parts. Yes, very immature, but oh so much fun. Besides, operas needs a little bit of cutting up. At one point, she whispered something in my ear, nothing special, but nothing could’ve been sweeter.

After the opera, we decided to walk to Times Square. We just talked and talked. We also walked and walked since we didn’t know how far it was. Neither us minded. The air was chilly, but that was a just a good reason to be closer to each other. The conversation never felt forced, nor did it ever stop. The walk from the MET to Times Square was quite long, and it dragged on and on, but I would have walked till I fell off Long lsland. Not a care in the world, just walking and talking.

About halfway or so, snow began falling down all around us. I won’t burden you here. I’ll just let you imagine how nice it is to walk with someone you really enjoy being with while snow falls.

We finally made it to Time Square, and we were a bit tired from the urban hike. When we got in the middle of Times Square, there was light and people everywhere. With the snow falling, it was a wonderful sight. We walked around to a couple of the stores that were still opened. We goofed around taking odd looking pictures, and scared some of tourists. It was good.

By now, we were hungry and cold. We found a place in the middle of Times Square. Luckily, a window seat came open when we were seated. We had a great view of the people down below, the lights, and the snow that continued to fall.

We were suppose to go clubbing after the show, but she had been feeling a bit sick from work, so I thought that we should take it easy this time. Maybe this way there will be something to do next time. We stayed at the restaurant for a long while and just talked and had drinks. Technically, we don’t know each other that well, and this is the first time we’ve ever been out by ourselves, but we talked like we were old friends. We talked about everything that was going on, our lives, the world, and a nice discussion on pre-communism Russian politics. Can’t beat a girl that can speak on military strategies in WWII as well as how her hair was blue just weeks before.

Then a deja vu hits me.

Background: I've had a reoccurring dream for some years now. It's just me and my love, sitting at a table, drinking something, and just talking. In my dreams, I’ve never seen her face. I couldn’t even tell you what she looked like. I just knew. I felt comfortable when I’m around her. I knew how it feels to be with her.

Well, the deja vu happened when I was looking at her while she was talking. It was the same thing as in my dreams. I felt she was the person I’ve been speaking to in my dreams. I knew that feeling and it freaked me out. Naturally, I couldn't tell her. That would just be too odd. I sat there and talked with her as if it everything’s ok. Inside, I wanted to scream ‘Hey! You’re her aren’t you?! You’re her!’

It was getting close to 4am and she had to get back to the train station. We had to rush to the station to make her train. Somehow, we got to Grand Central with 6 min. to spare before the train took off. For the first time in the night, neither of us said anything on the way to the station. We were trying to get to the station as quickly as possible and maybe it was 4am and we were tired, but I don’t think that’s the reason. When we got to the platform, she stayed for all 6 minutes.

There was lots of hugging to be had until the train guy yelled at her to get on (I may imagining the train guy, but I thought there was a train guy). I just stood there frozen after she got on. I felt like I just lost the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I wanted to scream something, or do something, anything. But I just stood there frozen and waved as she left. With a slow turn of the wheels, the train began to move. I looked at the windows of the train and there she was. Her mouth curved into the nicest and sweetest of smiles. She saw me and waved.

I just stood there and waved back. It was all I could do.


Ah yes. Isn’t being young and naïve fun? It was so easy to fall in love then, it was so easy to be optimistic, so easy to think everything will have a story book / cheesy movie ending. After a few years and more and more of these experiences add up, it gets a bit harder each time to open up. A little more hesitation each time to be optimistic, to think that person sitting across from you is that one in your dreams so many years ago.

As hard as it is to remember sometimes, I still know what it felt like. That feeling when I’m with her. Sitting there by my love talking about nothing at all, sipping a drink. Many have tried to fill her space, but they’re not her. Some have been close though. I guess I’ll keep looking.

Here's to you. Cheers.

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