Monday, November 22, 2004

Random Shorts:

I'm ai'ight.

I found $5.30 in spare change while cleaning the crib yesterday. Can I buy you a drink?

There was some report in the news last week about an unfortunate pedestrian that was run down by a negligent motorist. That got me thinking about my car. If I were to hit someone with my car, it wouldn't kill them. Hell, it may not even hurt them. They would just be really, really, really pissed. And my car would go even slower. Accelerate is a curse word to my car.

Possum for dinner again tonight. Can't wait for turkey day for turkey-fried squirrel!!!

How would you feel if a person was hitting on you at the bar, invites you out the next day, you go out and find out the person is married? Work with me people!!! If you're married, yet you think I'm the shit, get an annulment, and then let's get busy!

What would you do if your friend's girlfriend was buzzing pretty hard and chatty but not trashy and he, your friend, leaves the party to hang with the boys in a science lab? After an hour of chatting with her I said goodnight.

Funny that fags, fugal, fuchsia and fuses pop up in my spell checker as it doesn't recognize fugazi. Okay maybe not funny, rather sad.

My toes are cold.

What's up Ko!?


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