Monday, January 03, 2005

Before this gets too old..

Tennessee 38 – Texas A&M 7

Yea, suck a nut you damn Aggies!! In case you don’t know, I can’t stand Texas A&M. This isn’t just a simple dislike, or aversion. My relationship with Texas A&M is better described by words like loathe and despise. It’s a special level of hate. Not used or even thought about by common experiences. No.. this is special. My absolute disgust at anything Aggie is almost clinically problematic for me to think rationally when dealing with them (especially during football season).

So during this College bowl season, I saw that my university was playing the nemesis of my being, I couldn’t be happier. I knew the Vols and Smokey (our mascot) would make those Aggies and Reverence (their mascot) our bitches Saturday morning.

The Vols did not disappoint. It was a 28-0 thrashing by half time. Luckily for those around me, I am a bit more calm when we’re winning (I’m just not into gloating). I almost hope it would be a close game. Things would be thrown, profanities would be shouted at the top of my lungs, verbal threats all around, good time for all.

Ironically, my sister went to Graduate School at A&M. I never visited her. I did go to her graduation, but I wore a large coat and a fake handlebar mustache so I would not be recognized.
I watched 'Bring it on' last night... again. Yup, Dushku is still hot.

BTW, as if I didn’t like Sandra Bullock before. She goes and does this.

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