Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Bad News Beds

A friend sent this through e-mail. Enjoy!

Stuff you don't want to hear during sex.

1) "Yeah, I should go get tested soon"
2) "The ceiling needs to be paintd"
3) "Is it in?"
4) "So what was the math homework??"
5) "Wait... Where'd it go?"
6) "Is that it?"
7) "I dont feel anything!"
8) "oh god!, OH GAWD!...hey did you lock the car?"
9) "Oh yeah, you need to call your mom"
10)"You're done already, It's only been an hour?"
11)"Looks like a penis, only smaller"
11)"We need to pray or we both going to hell."
12)"I think the condom broke a minute ago"
13)"Oh shit, I forgot to take my pills!"
14)"you were hotter on the internet."
15)"yawn." also "I think I'm gonna throw up."
16)"Um, can you move just a little to the left...I can't see the TV"
17)"This is the bed that I was conceived in"
18)"What is that smell?"
19)"Wrong hole"
20)"You remind me of my brother."

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