Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nasal Sprays and the Mafia Guys

I’m pretty sure I snore. Other people have told me that. I think I can hear it sometimes. I don’t mind other people snoring, but I don’t like that I snore. My dad is a big snorer, and I always felt bad for my mum for having to sleep with all that noise. Whenever my dad and I shared a room, I’d always throw stuff at him. Seriously, it’s like a train in the room. My mum was a light sleeper too, so that didn’t help her sleep. Although she told me you get used to that after a while. Even still, I don’t like to snore when I’m sleeping with someone.

I went to the doctor and she suggested that I try this nasal spray because I’m snoring only when I’m stuffed up with allergies and not the usual reasons for snoring.

Last night, I sprayed before I went to sleep. OMG! I don’t know if this is a side effect or what, but the things that were going through my head would scare pinhead.

As soon as I closed my eyes, the images started. All these distorted and grossly mutated things. Some humanoids, others just disturbing looking stuff. Luckily for me, those things don’t really bother me. My only reaction was ‘Huh.. that’s interesting’.

So of course, whatever was affecting me would continue into my dreams. The dream started out well enough, I was there in Vegas with someone. We were having a good time going to the casinos and visiting all the nice pools. Then those guys showed up again.

I have recurring dreams of these mafia guys coming after me. How do I know they’re mafia? I don’t. I just think they are. Well, so they chase us all around Las Vegas. Some areas I knew, some I think I saw in episodes of Cops. Yes, I replay scenes from Cops in my dreams.. Yea, like you don’t.

The mafia guys are usually dressed very well. Like Queer eye well, but this time, they were NOT pretty at all. They were slimy and warty and full of all kinds of other nastiness.

I don’t remember much else of the dream after that. I do remember I woke up at 4am when they finally caught up to me and were shooting me with liquid nitrogen bullets that made pieces of my body fall off. It was quite painful.

So does allergy medicine give me nightmares? I’ll try again tonight.

This time, I’m going to kick those guy’s asses.

Happy Thursday People! Tomorrow’s Friday!

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