Sunday, February 20, 2005

Maybe there’s something in my drink…

I went out drinking on Friday night. Having advanced secret information that the po-pos are setting up DUI stops all over the place, I decided to just crash at my friend’s place for the night. So with that already settled, I was free to drink myself silly. I didn’t set out to drink myself silly, but if the opportunity was there, I’m prepared.

So the night started out slowly. Drinking at a very Neon-ful bar (seriously, this place has the most neon signs outside of Vegas), the beers were flowing, but relatively tame. We then proceeded to go to 2 other bars for very short stints after the lack of beautiful babies was apparent.

The group decided to go to a dive/biker bar. That’s always a great idea. Walking in, visibility was instantly reduced to about 5 feet with all the smoke in the small unventilated room. I haven’t seen that much leather since the last time I was down in south beach. It was a dive, they had PBR on tap, and I was loving it. The people watching was great! I don’t know what came over me, perhaps trying to look tougher in the biker bar, but after drinking beers all night, I switched to a Jack and Coke.

Now don’t give me this don’t mix drinks crap, cause that’s not it. I was feeling fine when I walked in, a little buzzed, but nothing serious. In the 15min or so it took me to finished the Jack and Coke, I was almost instantly crashing. It came on so quickly. I’m seriously questioning if something was put in the drink. There’s no way it was the alcohol. Physically I still felt ok, my head felt a little cloudy, but that’s about it.

By the time we got to the next bar, I was feeling ok from walking in the cold air. We went in, found a table, and boom, my head hits the table. I was out. I’m not all that clear as far as how or when we got back to my friend's place.

There're two bad things that happened as a result of this. No, my ass was not sore the next day. Since the drunkeness came on so quickly, I only had time to Drunk Dial 1 person. I'm SO not meeting my 3 or 4 drunk messages per weekend quota.

None of that before is that big of a deal really. Here’s the big kicker. While I was out on my friend's couch, the corner house had about 4 police cars surrounding it. After that situation was over, my friend mentioned that hours later, there was also a very loud domestic disturbance in the apt. complex next to the house!! I’m trashy this way and I’m sure it’s not a good thing, but I love seeing these kinds of things. Probably that whole people watching thing.

Secretly, it’s all part of my dream/plan to end up on a episode of “Cops”. Well, without being the one being beaten down by the Cops. I’d be a great random person on the side they interview. I’d have my mustard stained wife beater and a can of PBR.

Damn that'd be smooth.

Here we go with the Monday thing again...

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