Friday, February 25, 2005

Stupid Al Quada Bio-Nanobots.

Yup, I’m blaming Al Quada. Who else would be able to get me sick? We do indeed need to fear these guys.

This has been a pretty bad week. First, everyone in my group gets sick. On Tuesday, I came in a bit later than usual, and saw that no one in the group (5 of us) was here. Of course the first thing I’m thinking is I forgot an 8am meeting again. That’s way embarrassing and has happened more often than it should.

I checked my calendar, and nope. No meetings. Phew.

So I just sit around and work.. ok, I’m checking blogs, shut up. So around 9am, my boss comes in and tells me everyone is out sick today. I secretly smirk because I’m not sick cause my immune system rocks!

I spoke too soon.

By Wednesday afternoon, I was sick and all nasty. My head burning up and the rest of my body freezing. I took off a couple hours early, and the drive back home felt like I was drunk. It wasn’t a pretty night. I think my fever had gone beyond the 100 mark, and I was sweating like a hog but was still freezing. That is not a good feeling.

I felt pretty ok the next day so I went to work. Still, no one there. I don’t know what got into me, but I thought I’d backup my computer file. I loaded the software and boom, my computer totally crashes on me.

This was worst than the blue screen of death, it was gone. There was no OS, no nothing. Like someone erased the whole thing. The Tech guy came down and told me that my profile seemed to be gone. Like this was a brand new computer and no one’s ever used it. Weird.

Luckily all the files were still there on the hard-drive, so it’s easily recoverable.

This is where I started blaming the Al Quada Bio-Nanobots. Not only did these Bio-Nanobots made me sick, but somehow it also got transferred to my computer and made it sick as well.

I told this to my boss, then he told me to go home. He obviously thinks I've gone crazy... Yea.. crazy like a fox.

I’m feeling ok now I think. I’m not sure though. During the last couple of days, the morning period has been fine. It’s only after lunch that it seriously goes downhill.

I’m supposed to go to Philly this weekend. Actually, the flight’s in 7 hours. I can’t decide if I should run the risk of infecting the entire NE with the Al Quada Bio-Nanobots.

What do you think?

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