Monday, February 14, 2005

The Thou-Shou-Not-Be-Named Day

Actually, I don’t really care so I’m not going to dwell on anything here. I have a big problem with the commercialization blah blah evil corporate greed blah blah blah of it all, but it’s just not a fight high on my list anymore.

I guess it’s good that there’s another excuse for people to score and be nice to each other. More scoring the better I guess, even if it’s not me. Yea, I’m nice like that. That Karma thing better be true.

There was an extra table set up by the lobby today when I came in. I briefly wondered what it was. Came back and forgot all about it when I saw there was 57 emails in my inbox. 57?! What the HELL? About 10 of them were emails from friends, but the other 47 were all work!

What the hell are these people doing to me? There shouldn’t be this many emails by Monday at 8am for ANYONE.

Oh well.. Guess I better get started on them.

OH.. before I lose my thought. I went down to grab a quick lunch, and the table was filled with flowers and teddy bears. That's what it was there for. To embarass people at work or make some co-workers upset that you got flowers. Cool idea!

I’ve already seen at least 4 guys email saying they won’t make the basketball game tonight. Something about having to take their ladies out or some crap. This probably means we’ll be playing with no subs again. I’m fine with it. More playing time for me. Perhaps blocks in 2 games in a row?! Could it be? Do we dare even imagine it?? Stay tuned.

And Yes, I will be doing something tonight with one thing that I love. My night will be spent with a half slab of ribs, side of sausage, and some very good baked beans. Mmmmm… BBQ…

Happy Monday Everyone!

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