Friday, February 04, 2005

See that guy over there..

People watching is really an art. It’s difficult to find someone that is truly fun to people watch with and is really good at it. Most people can point out some obvious and unsettling things about people as they walk by. That’s fun, but for a true people watcher, he/she will have stories of how they came about having those unsettling things, and maybe what in their lives caused them to think that the furry green hat is a good idea.

I think there’s certainly a degree of dissociative disorder that’s involved in being a good people watcher. To be able to dissociate from your own being (or any logic at that), and try to capture stories of other people simply by looking at them. Sure your chances of actually being correct in anything you say or observe is about as high as winning the lottery, but that’s not the point. The point is just to be amusing.

This is where finding a good people watch partner becomes very difficult. From personal experience, there just aren’t that many people who are really good at this. Not only are those that are fun to people watch with few, but those that also matches your creative style also makes finding a good match very difficult.

I didn’t really have a point. Just thought I talk about people watching and how much fun it is. I haven’t done it in a while. I think I’ll head to the mall this weekend. Although people watching by yourself is just not as fun. Just makes you look kinda crazy staring people then smiling.

My favorite stories are ones about 2 people sitting next to each other that are obviously not together. Or are they? Dumm dum dummmmmmmm!

Yay for the weekend! Boo for it not being next weekend! It’s gonna be a long week next week.

It’s SuperCommerical Sunday! I’m cheering for the Eagles, but sadly, I think the Patriots will blow them out. I’m looking forward to the grilled meats and beers that will fill my belly all Sunday. So much for eating better.

Be careful during the halftime show. Don’t let any boob scar you for life.

Happy Friday Everyone! Have a great weekend!

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