Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Everyday, we hear from our media and from our government about the progress of things over in Iraq. We hear what’s happening to our troops, we hear about the latest group of assholes blowing themselves up, kidnapping people, and hurting innocent people that are there to help them. You stupid stupid fucks.

We hear about the guy with the loudest mouth banging his shoe on the table, screaming at the top of his lungs, about wanting to hurt people he’s never know, and has never done anything to him or anyone he knows.

All that we hear, but what is it that we don’t hear or see? This is a great blog I found through another blog that I really enjoy reading. Read the 2nd most recent post titled “Groceries and Election results”.

Baghdad Burning

It’s a great example of the things we don’t hear about this ‘progress’ that Iraq is making. 'Progress' to what? Democracy and freedom to whom exactly? This is something we will have to wait and see. Sadly, even today, women still isn't seen as important or 'human' enough for our country to protect. Not here in the states, and so I guess why should I expect our government to fight for them in other countries.

Oh well, wishful thinking.

I fear that perhaps W and his cronies created a monster that they soon will lose control. A monster that was meant to spread their ideology but will in turn come back and destroy its creator.

Who knows, I hope I’m wrong. One thing is for sure, those with the most to lose, and those are most vulnerable, will once again suffer at the hands of childish egotistical men playing stupid power trip games with people’s lives.

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