Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Wednesday Tid-Bits
Way too busy to be blogging. So I’m going to blog.

I got a haircut yesterday from this Russian lady. As I’m always up for chatting people up about their past, I asked her how long she’s been here and how she got into the hair dresser profession. She had quite an accent so I knew she hasn’t been here too long.

So guess what profession she was in when she was back in the Ukraine?

That’s right. Nuclear Engineer.

America, Land of opportunity.

Back on how ignorant those in the religious-wrong are.

Postcards from buster

In a new PBS children’s program, the cartoon rabbit visits a lesbian couple. This of course caused the newly appointed Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings to complain about public money being used to promote alternative lifestyles.

Hey guess what Margaret, no one is promoting alternative lifestyles here. The show doesn’t tell kids to go and be gay. It’s part of our nation and the world. It’s education. Get a damn clue.

Here’s a novel idea, why don’t you concentrate on real education issues like why teachers don’t paid crap and kids today know only what MTV is teaching them. And No, celebrity news is not actual News.

State of the Union

Tonight is Dubya’s State of the Union Address where he will lay out what’s he’s going to do in these next 4 years. Please watch. It’s good to know ahead of time how he’s gonna screw you so you can be better prepared. You know, give you time to lube up so it doesn't hurt as much.

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