Monday, April 04, 2005

Everything’s happening as I have foreseen....

The stage is set. Illinois vs. North Carolina for the NCAA tournament Championship. You couldn’t ask for anything more. Sure it’s nice to see Cinderella teams take out big time schools in the first few rounds, but seriously, who wants to watch a Bucknell – Pacific championship game?
Tonight, the #1 will face off against the #2 team in the nation. I know many of you don’t care, but it really is exciting. It rarely happens this way. It’s even more exciting that I can win my bracket if UNC comes out on top. T will actually come in second too. Not bad for a first–timer. Sadly, Ko is mathematically eliminated. Yea, where you at now Ko?
One slight problem is that Monday nights I have my stained glass class. What? Shut up, it’s fun and yes, it’s perfectly manly to take that class. The class goes from 7-9pm and the game starts at 8pm. I think I’ll do what I did last week and just go right after work and leave by 8pm. Since I took my project home and worked on it this weekend, I should be way ahead of everyone anyway.

Even though I paid for it on Sunday, Saturday night was a good night. It started with watching the games on Saturday night at a local pub. It was great since it was close to my place instead of the usual 45 min. drive down to where other people lived.

5 hours of basketball goodness! Plenty of time for me to get nice and hammered (Jager why do you hate me so?!) and scream loudly at the TV. I don’t understand how people can just sit there and watch. I’m not saying you should get as excited as me, but still… don’t just sit there. Get into it. Maybe if you yell loud enough they can hear you. No? You don’t think so? Keep drinking… it could happen.

Anyway, there were good company, loads to drink, hot ass wings, a waitress with a totally disproportionate booty, and lots of fun with the text messaging. That’s probably the big news of the night. Yup, I have broadened my horizons and expanded to other ways of annoying people.

No longer am I limited to Drunk Dialing, now my repertoire includes Drunk Text Messaging!! Kids call it DTM. Be Afraid… Be very very afraid!

In a crowed loud bar, it’s often difficult to talk on the phone. Now with short text messages, it’s easy to convey drunken messages to your friends far away while they’re trying to sleep or something to tell them the latest brilliant observation you had. I got mucho creative too on Saturday night. Well, creative in a drunk Pup thinking he can be creative sort of way. I read over what I wrote on Sunday and was like sheese… can’t believe I typed that! And oh… she may not talk to me anymore. Needless to say, things were fun and graphic.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Oh No.. So what do you do when you get drunk? (Honey… let’s get drunnnkkkkk and screeewww….. points if you know this song). That’s right, you go to smoky, divey bar with a strange obsession for Karaoke.

Nothing says good times like watching drunk people sing. We were being served beers in this ginormous mug. I’m serious. The thing was Huge. It musta been a good 3/4 gallon of beer in there. Like 2x the size of a Big Gulp (64oz). Everyone in the bar were having them… that or shots. That’s it. Giant beer or shots were your only choices. It was something special to see.

So a friend thought it’d be funny to get me and one of the other guys to get up there and sing. When they called our names out, we tried to ignore and pretend we didn’t hear it. Of course our table wouldn’t let that fly, so after some strong encouragement, bribes, and the whole bar yelling for us, we got up on the stage.

We didn’t know what we were singing. Personally, I was too drunk to care. I’ll sing anything. Secretly, I was hoping for some Sweet home Alabama, Bon Jovi, Linkin Park, or Quiet Riot. I heart singing those songs.

So the music started. After the first 5 notes you knew. You knew like a bad rash is coming back. Now, I like this song, but I don’t know if the two of us could pull it off. The song was Funky Cold Madina by Tone Loc. Maybe it was that the whole bar was drunk, or that it was simply a good song, but the bar was really into it. Although short of any women throwing their underwear on the stage, they were show some love for the Pup and friend rendition.

There was pool and darts to be played, and other stuff I can’t remember. Oh well… Guess I’ll have to go again.

This bar is definitely on the list of places to go when out of town-ers visit. Ok, who’s ready to come for a visit?

Happy Monday!

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