Monday, April 25, 2005

The Puptender

Just wondering, does anyone else out there watch The Contender? I picked it up about a month ago and now I’m watching back-to-back episodes on Sunday nights. It's a big odd as I’m not a big fan of the reality shows and I don’t enjoy boxing all that much.

The show and premise seems a lot different to me. The main one is that what they’re doing on their show is their talent and livelihood. It’s not getting on a show and pretending to be something or trying to do something you may know very little about.

These guys are boxers, not guys off the street wanting to be boxers and they’re on a national stage to box. It would be like if I was on a reality show for psychologists. Wouldn’t that be so exciting? Me sitting around coming up with tests, running correlations and linear regressions on all these variables, and maybe writing some reports? That and watching me in meetings most of the days. Exciting prime time stuff huh! There are many monkeys in my cube that keeps things exciting with their poop throwing.

These guys on the show don’t get to go home and go back to doing what they used to do like on other show. This is what they do, and when they lose, they all have to think that maybe they’re not a top fighter like they think they are. It’s not good to realize that after training for so long.

Hearing what these guys are fighting for also gives you a great attachment to these guys. All of these guys come from extremely poor countries and/or backgrounds. Most fight to give their family something to cheer for and for a chance for a better life. Hearing their stories and backgrounds makes you think how lucky many of us has it.

I know many of us work for these same reasons everyday, but it seems very different to have to put yourself in physical harm in order to do this. Not the possibility of being hurt on the job, but actually being hurt as part of the job.

For these guys and many others that didn’t have the luxury of getting a good education, this maybe the only ticket for a family to break out of the poverty cycle. It's sad to imagine, but it makes me feel proud and so lucky to have parents that worked so hard so I could get an education and for all the things that I've wanted.

It remind me of how good I have it to be able to get paid for using my brains instead of my fists.

Ok, just wanted to mention it.

On other notes of this weekend: Grill corn is DELICIOUS. I covered it in a garlic butter sauce and get it grill for a while. Damn that was good corn. I am now looking for a grill for the summer. I prefer Charcoal, but gas seems SO much easier. Suggestions anyone?

Very upset that COPS was not shown this weekend. Instead it was hours and hours of NASCAR. You could argue it maybe a similar population in both of these shows, but NASCAR keeps focusing on the little cars going around in circles instead of the fans. I want to see the fans damn it!!

I saw an amazing Mullet this weekend. It was nice and long and permed. It was something special to see.

Sin City Rocks. Hehe.. I saw boobies. There were also lots and lots of violence. I highly recommend it.

I also rented Bridget Jones’ Diary: The edge of reason that made me feel quite gay. Not that they're anything wrong with that. Also, not that this helps, but I also took the little quiz in the bonus section to determine which guy is better suited for me.

That is all. I say GOOD DAY!

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