Friday, April 08, 2005

Unedited blogging from the flight last night:

"Oh damn does this ever suck. I’m stuck on the plane (middle seat no less) waiting to leave for ATL from KC. I had taken off from work early, then paid an extra $25 to change my flight, only to sit here on the plane. Supposively there’s some bad weather going on in ATL and they’re not letting planes take off. So we’re grounded for at least another 45 minutes, and then we get the next update which could easily be sit on your ass some more.

It doesn’t help any that this flight is fully booked and that there’s a huge guy sitting next to me so I can’t even really type this out very comfortably. ARGH… I’m going to elbow you giant negativity man with scotchy breath. If I could actually get to my luggage, I’d get out my flask of Jack.

Since I thought it was going to be a quick flight, I thought I can do without my Gameboy and MP3 player. Boy will this ever teach me. I bet if I had gotten a PSP, I’d have it with me now and be the envy of everyone here. Damn I’d be smooth.

I have chosen poorly.

Craaaaaappppppppp..... I bet we won’t take off till my original flight (3 hours later than this flight). Wouldn’t that suck? That flight didn’t have hardly anyone on there and it wouldn’t have cost me $25 to sit here squished on a crowed plan. Once again, my brilliant plan goes all to hell.

Hmmm… no one to call… no one calling me. Boo. I think I’m going to buy a game for my phone.

Man, I hope this weekend will be fun. It sure isn’t starting out very well. And what I could be doing instead of going to ATL this weekend? Yowzaaaa! That would’ve been nice.

I’m glad to go though, I haven’t seen these guys in forever, and I’ll get a nice Scotty fix. He’s all big and stuff from what I’ve heard. I firmly believe 2yrs old is when Uncle Pup needs to seriously influence the boy. I’ll show him to the right side of the force, and how to say “thug life”.

So at least I brought my laptop huh. Coincidence? Hell no. Even though I’m taking the day off, I’ve got lots of work to do. What’s that about? I’m serious though, that’s gotta stop. I can’t wait till I take a big trip this summer. I’ll go away for a long while and not have anything remotely resembling work. The only work I want to have to do is order another round for the table and maybe shaving. Maaaybe.

Of course this would help if me and my friend wasn’t so busy that we don’t have time to plan this thing. The clock is ticking. What will we do? I don’t care though, even if this trip falls though, I know I want to go somewhere. Somewhere with water. Oh somewhere will be traveled to. Sooooommewhere!!!

Oh another update. Looks like we’ll be here a bit longer. Near forever to be exact. So it looks like I spent the extra $25 for nothing. Fantastic.

ARGHHHHHH… why am I sitting next to this guy? Why do you take up ¼ of my seat too? WTF? Oh.. you're so annoying me mr. unpleasant man. I should charge you $50 for taking up that space. I’m going to start a slow annoying poking with my elbow. That’ll show ya.

Poke. Pooooke. Poooooke!

OHHHHHH…. WHAAAA? We’re leaving!!!!! Oh happy days! Only 1.5 hours of having to sit on the plane!

Where’s that drink cart with the Liquor?"

I feel bad for the flight crew though. It's not like it's their fault. Stoopid weather. People need to calm the hell down. Especially the guy behind me. Sheese buddy, what the hell? Telling the flight attendents off will not help anything. Asshole.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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