Thursday, April 14, 2005

It's that time of year again...

It's prom season, boys and girls!!!
A high school teacher told me to check out the big sha-bang this Friday if I'm not busy playing "cards."

Think I'll skip it.

I almost didn't go to my high school prom. But I went after all.
*frickin' frackin' muttin' mitten'*

What happened is some guy stood up this girl that I liked and she had already paid her dues and all that. So the day before the dance she didn't have a date.

I'm getting ready to hang out at L5P for the weekend when she calls and begs me to be her date. I'm like fuck no. But she said she'd pay for everything, so I caved in.
I remember wearing sneakers and a beanie hat with the propeller. Also my hair was braided, something like Coolio's do!!!

We rolled up in someone's ghetto ride. The stereo didn't even work. One headlight was functioning and the wheel always veered to the right. Hey, at least my mom didn't take us.

I don't remember much and I try hard to repress the memory. But I do know that I was there and it sucked ass. Spring 1994.
Mutha fuck.

Yeah, ya'll have to promise not to tell nobody cuz the T aint weak, yo.

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