Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What’s Annoying Pup now?

The following are the 3 top things that are annoying Pup now (in no particular order):

With an overwhelming landslide decision, 70% of Kansans came out to the polls to confirm that yes, Kansans are ignorant intolerant sheep who really have nothing better to do than to be in other people’s private lives.

So are all of you now feeling a bit safer now? Sleeping a bit better last night knowing that you didn’t do ANYTHING except take away the rights of a group of people that has NEVER bothered you in anyway? What, do you think you’ve rid the ‘Gay’ from the state or something? Or maybe you’ve just made it legal so it’s ok to look down on them and treat them as a second class citizen. Well congratulations, you’ve done that.

Oh, but it gets better. Besides limiting marriage to one man and one woman, the Kansas amendment states: “No relationship, other than a marriage, shall be recognized by the state as entitling the parties to the rights or incidents of marriage.”

So unless you are a man and a woman who are married, Kansas now refuses to recognize you in any other type of relationships. This is not only aimed at the Homosexual population, but we live in a diverse country with all types of diverse relationships. Even though they may not all be married, they are ever bit if not more loving as many of the married couples out there.

Over 50% divorce rate. Yea, marriage is definitely the way to go for everyone. Since when was it the government’s role to push marriage?

This is going to be a problem for many couples as well. Yes, Hetero ones. For example, the elderly, when it comes to things like benefits, medical issues, inheritances, etc. Even if the two of you’ve been together for decades, you’re pretty much screwed in having any say over your partner.

And NO you Jackass. That little piece of paper saying you’re married doesn’t have shit to do with how happy, or loving a couple is.

Here’s another fantastic issue that has come up that these Bigots don’t tell you has happened in other states that has approved similar measures to define relationships. If you and your girlfriend/boyfriend live together, and one of you starts beating the other, no longer is that domestic abuse. Nope, cause we don’t recognize any relationships unless you’re married. So now it goes from the harsher punishment of domestic abuse to simple assault and battery.

Isn’t that fantastic?

Of course, getting married to your abusive spouse will certainly take care of that problem. Duh.

One last note on this. I keep hearing, “Proponents contend the ban will have no impact on heterosexuals”. Yea, that’s fucken fantastic you jackasses. Passing laws that only negatively affect a minority group. Yea, no problem here. Didn’t we used to live in a country where we thought discriminating against one particular group was a BAD thing?

- I watched a bit of Bill O’Rilly last night. Bill and his guest commented that Catholics are the last discriminated class of people in the world. Catholics? The world’s richest organization? They have their OWN country? WTF? Are you kidding me? How those words can possible come out of your mouth amazes me. That’s just fantastic journalism and opinion there Bill.

- I heard about the parts of the Patriot Act that’s coming up to congress to get re-approved. They are fantastic. The following are a couple of examples.

Within the Patriot Act, the government has the power to break into your house and make it look like a burglary in order to obtain information.

If somehow you find out it was the government and not an actual burglar, it is against the law to tell ANYONE. Anyone includes cops, lawyers, judges, family, etc. ANYONE. If you do, you’ll be put in jail. I think they should at least leave you a note. “Ha Ha… We took your shit. You’re screwed. Love, Rummy. “

Getting a judge to grant a search warrant is no longer necessary. I guess that’s just too much red tape. Never mind having someone to try and protect your personal right. Field agents can now just write their own with this form they have. Once again, Fan-fucking-tastic.

There’re more, but I was a bit too angry to be paying any attention.

What I don’t get is where are all these gun touting, less government in my life people are? These same people who just happens to more likely to be conservative Republicans. Where are you now when they’re invading your life? What, you think you’re safe because someone can’t accidentally mistake you for a damn terrorist cause you’re white? Think again. They don’t just target terrorists with these powers.

I will predict this now. As soon as the government (if ever) goes back to the Democrats, these same people who aren’t saying anything now will be out there in the streets.

Oh yay Wednesday!!! I’m outta here tomorrow!!

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