Wednesday, April 27, 2005

As the Pup Turns

HAPPY 1 Year Blog-a-versary!!!

Yea, that’s it. Not THAT big of a deal, but still. 1 whole year of blogging!!

This page started as a cheap attempt to follow in the footsteps of hilarity that are the Furdells. I gave that up probably after the 2nd post. Why bother if someone else is already doing it well I say, and as any of you who’ve read any of the posts in this blog knows, we’re really not all that funny. Funny looking yes, funny writers no.

I say this next part from my point of view as I usually have no clue as to what T is writing about most of the time and Ko just doesn’t post cause he sucks.

I write my rants here, mostly political and social issues that I don’t think people pay enough attention to. I write some stories that I would like to remember or ones I’ve made up. I write here because I’m terribly bored with my current living situation and wish a tornado would take me away.

One main reason for writing for me is from my fear of losing my memories. This is a great place for me to scribe the things that are on my mind. I think I would enjoy reading these things when I can’t remember who I am anymore. After a person live their lives, the only thing they truly have are their memories, and to forget is like they never did any of those things.

This may sound a bit morbid, but it’d be fun to get a blog printed like a book and pass them out when you’re dead. Just a nice read for those that want to remember you. Not that I’m dying or anything, just an idea.

Anyway. Yay for one year.

I'm very happy to have met some of you who reads this blog, and very very happy to meet one that didn't use to read this page. It's been a good time so far.

I’m not sure how one celebrates this, but coincidently, I’m going to a baseball game tonight then on to a bar for a show of the rock n’ roll variety. Not planned that way, but just good timing I guess.

Here's a link for the short but very important first post EVER.
Here's a link for a slightly less coherent first post by T.

Thanks to everyone for reading!!

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