Friday, April 01, 2005

I’ve got nothin’

Yea, I’ve got nothin’. Things are pretty boring around here. Work is keeping me pretty busy, so at least that helps time fly a bit. I think I need this nothingness and hanging out more so the bar is set lower when I see new stuff sometimes, but I really don’t. I’m pretty easily excited over stuff. I rather be out there doing stuff, visiting people, traveling and stuff.

No worries though, things will be picking up starting next week. I’ll be traveling to Atlanta next weekend to see the guys (that I haven’t seen in over a year… I think. My memory not too good). Then off to LA for 3.5 days for a conference! That’ll be fantastic. Can’t wait to see the Pacific again and visit the ol’ OC.

I only get about 13 channels or so coming in clearly on my TV, so I tend to watch the same channels a lot when I’m channel surfing. I don’t know if y’all have this channel, but it’s basically an infomercial channel. All infomercials... all the time.

So the product they’ve been pushing a lot lately is this exercise ball. I’m sure most of you have seen it. It’s not really a new product or anything. Just a giant rubber ball to exercise with.

So MAYBE it’s that I only watch this late at night, or MAYBE that’s just what’s on my mind, but I can’t stop thinking of using that thing for sex.

I mean, sheese, think of all the great positions you can do with that ball. I’d post some sketches I’ve made, but… well… you’re better off not seeing them. It's be great... and it'll help work the abs and tone your arms and legs. It's a brillant idea really.

Go UNC this weekend!! North Carolina!! Take your shirt off....

Have a good weekend everyone! Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward on Sunday!

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