Monday, April 11, 2005

My prediction? Drunkenness.

After a terrible beginning to the trip, so much fun ensued. Here’re some highlights from this weekend.

- You heard me talk about it, and it makes me salivate every time I think of putting it to my lips (no, not that.. although that is mighty tasty… ummm.. nevermind). Met up with the Furdells and LiAps before the Braves game for a drink of the most delicious beer EVER!

Strangely though, I didn’t think it was nearly as delicious as the last time I had it. I was a little disappointed but I think I may have raised the expectations of the taste to outgrow even the deliciousness of the beer. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still awesome and good, but I’m not dreaming about it now. I did find another equally tasty Belgium to drool over now.

- Braves games are great. Just sitting around on a perfect night watching a good game. Can’t beat that. The $6.50/beer is a little silly. That’s why I get for forgetting my flask. Yea, I’m that guy.

- Watched Rocky III and Nightmare on Elm Street III: Dream Warriors on Sat. Rocky III has some of the most fun quotable lines coming from Mr. T. However, I was too distracted by the overtly homoerotic tone of the whole movie. I need to go back and watch Nightmare II. Supposively that's just one big gay horror movie. Even the directors said so.

Nightmare on Elm Street III is great as well. I think the “Dream Warriors” video by Dokken at the end really put everything nicely together.

- I played the chess game where every piece on the board was a mini shot glass. I had wanted to play chess a lot lately, and I enjoy drinking. So naturally this seemed like a great idea. Sadly, I’m not very good at chess and managed to lose EVERY piece on the board. This was after 5 beers too. Needless to say, the good times were about to start as we got ready to go out afterwards.

I was just informed that I had called someone and left a message after the game too. That’s not good since I didn’t remember calling anyone. Can’t wait to hear what I said.

- Baddest ass thing EVER / Stooopidest thing EVER. I made a U-turn on the hwy, drove on the shoulder going the opposite direction of the traffic then cut across 4 lanes of traffic to take a left lane exit. There was a good reason for all of this. Kids, don’t try this stunt at home or ever.

- Met up with my friend and a couple of his beautiful baby friends. One he had gone out with the night before. It seems that they hit it off quite nicely from the look of things. I’m trying to think of what happened or what was said or even what the other girl looks like and sadly I can’t. I remember seeing a couple of tattoos, one of which was in a very nice location, but that’s about all I remember from the interaction. Hell, I don’t remember if I even told anyone goodbye or if we just left. Anyone with any information about Saturday night please feel share the large gaps of memory that I seem to be missing.

- Went to the big Dogwood arts festival in ATL this Saturday. There were many awesome art things on display. One particular booth that really caught my attention was this artist wrapping plastic baby dolls in bandages (looked mummified) and then doing various weird things with thing. One baby doll had spikes in the head, another had blood flowing from the eyes, and one had a strange mask on. It was very interesting.

There were plenty of non weird cool art stuff, many made me think of you bloggers. How weird is that now? Not just thinking of my friends and family when I look at all these things, but of bloggers now. Sheese.. I should cut back.

- Went hiking and saw a cool waterfall today. Man, I miss hiking. Another good reason for me to get the hell out of the flatlands that is Kansas. “Hiking” in a corn field is just not the same. That’s just creepy.

- Of course, you knew this trip wouldn’t be complete without more travel drama. I thought it would be a good idea to leave a little earlier from dinner to head to the airport since the traffic is unpredictable in ATL. So I’m making good time going down the hwy, and what do I hear? Flop Flop Flop Thump Thump.. SHIT.

I knew that sound and feel all too well. My car went through a period where my tires kept exploding for some strange reason. Just when I thought I was going to be early for once, the tire blows out in the middle of the hwy. I had to cross 4 lanes of traffic again and park my ass on the shoulder.

So now we go from being early to possibly missing my flight. Luckily, me and my dad were awesome and managed to change the tires in about 20 minutes. All those other times of blowing out my tires really helped when I had to do it fast. Made me appreciate the NASCAR guys that change 4 wheels in 8 seconds. On our way again. After going a short distance, we see the dreaded see of red break lights. SHIT once again.

Some road construction turning a 5 lane into a 2 lane is no good when one is struggling for time. However, things moved relatively fast and I finally got to the airport on time and ready to board.

I did get some crap from security cause my hands were all covered in grease. Yea, cause that’s how a terrorist would be. Grease all over my hands. Great detective work there. Guess they were doing their job. I’d probably complain if they didn’t say anything.

Wow, look at all those stars outside the plane right now. There’s so many of them and they’re all so bright. I don’t think I’ve seen that many stars in a long time. I think I need to go camping again. Just sleeping under the stars next to a nice fire.

I think I’m going to go and stare at them for a while.

Probably won’t have time to post till next week, It’ll be busy here and then I’ll be in LA for the 2nd half of the week. I can’t wait!! Good company, Exciting city. Yowza!

Oh… it’s lightening outside now. Cool.

Have a good week everyone!!

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