Monday, January 17, 2005

Blog-Fest 2005!!!

Kansas City
Love, BBQ, and Happiness. With temperature highs in the teens.

Being the only Pup in a group of 6 very lovely ladies is not a bad thing. This last weekend, several of the bloggers from around the country descended into the amazingly butt-ass cold Kansas city for a gathering.

I'm not going to describe all the bloggers again because Nanner, Jamie, and Peon have all done such good jobs. The only thing I will say is that even if you've seen pics of these gals, they are all by far cuter than their digital doubles.

One thing I will say. On Friday night, we went to get BBQ for dinner at Jack Stacks (Best BBQ in KC, and in a very very close race with Dreamland BBQ for best BBQ in the country). Being a large group, they herded us into a private dinning room. I sat there between the 6 ladies, not being able to decide if I'm big pimping or I'm one of the girls.

It may have been a BBQ induced hallucination, I went with big pimping. I almost order a Hennessy/Courvoisier to fit my role as pimp.

I thought I had something funny to say there, but I guess not. Too late to erase now.

So here's the short version of Saturday night when the ladies came over to my place for dinner. There were 6 women in my apt. Yada Yada. I was SO tired the next morning...

That not good enough for you? Too bad.

I thought the dinner came out pretty well. There was even an extra special dish that wasn't on the menu. Curry Meat balls (don't be nasty) with grounded peanuts. They were delicious.

I put in a bit too much butter so the flaming berry sauce was a bit more runny than I would have liked. It was still flaming though, so that's cool.

Although my hands were busy all night... from stuff... I was surprised no one asked me to show off my turntable skillz. Yea, the z means I'm good. Maybe they knew they wouldn't be able to control themselves onces they see my moves (I bought you got served last month, so I've been practicing :))

I'm sure there are stories that will pop up that I'll post later. Don't count on it though. The only stories that I remember are WAY too enjoyable to share. HA. Feel that love. No, seriously. I'm not sharing. At least not without someone buying me some drinks.

I had the most wonderful time this weekend that I'll remember forever, I'm glad all you gals took the time and effort to come out to KC.

On a side note. Strangers coming to visit me... Hmmm.... where the hell are those people that actually know me?! Hello? Yea, I'm talking to you.

And no, there's still no Rick Springfield here.

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