Friday, January 28, 2005

Mi Nombre es Pup

I forgot to post about this last week. I’m taking a Spanish class. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. Mostly because I want to be able to communicate with such a large population of people, me wanting to travel south this summer, and of course, a whole new population of senoritas for me to hit on. Oh, maybe if I can get fluent enough, I can drunk call in spanish too! The advantages are endless.

The class doesn’t start until 7pm, so that allows me to go home first. It’s only my 2nd week, but both weeks, the idea of skipping has already flowed through my head (yea, even the first week). That of course, would be silly. It’s just that it’s been years since I’ve actually had to go to class. Old habits dies hard (Not entirely true since I had perfect attendence all throughout high school. College and grad school is a completely different stories though.).

This class is a little different in that we don’t learn like you would regularly learn a new language. It's not like taking Spanish 1. There’s no grammar. This is Spanish for the work place, so we learn things people say most often, especially in the work place. We learn phrases, and common words and commands needed in the work place.

For me, it's No entiendo, por favor repite, and hable mas despacio!

I think it’s pretty fun to just memorize phrases. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand if there are variations, but I think I'm starting to get enough of the gist. Fun, Fun, FUN! I can’t tell you how much fun learning a new language is!

Nothing exciting this weekend to report. I have some good things coming up in the next couple of weekends, so I’m going to spend some QT in the apt. There’s cleaning to be done (pup leaves bottles everywhere), and games to be played. Especially this new one a friend just got me.

If you’ve never played it, Zoo Tycoon is a kick ass game! It’s like sim-city, but you build a zoo. It’s very addicting. No really, it’s fun. Shut up!

Have a good Friday and weekend everyone!

Lo veo el proximo lunes!

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