Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sweet Nectar of the Gods

I generally average about 12 or so emails at work a day. After missing Monday for work due to the wedding, how many emails awaits me at work? 12 you say? No. Cause that would be too logical. The correct answer is 54! 54 Damn emails?! What the Hell?

For some reason, my out of office message has become the magnet for work emails.

So no blogging for the last couple of days as I was actually working and trying to catch up.

The wedding went very well in case you were wondering. The bride did crack up during the vowels during rehearsals. Not exactly a laughing moment, but by wedding time, there were tears. It was all very sweet.

I think I did ok with the speech even though a couple of kids were trying to out stage me. So I told them their daddy drinks cause they’re being bad. That shut them up. I think I’ll share this part cause it’ll embarrass Ko. As part of the ‘Things to do” during the bachelor party, he had to write 10 reasons why he loved his fiancĂ©e. One good thing about watching all those cheesy movies is I get some good ideas about this kind of stuff.

So during my speech, I read the list. I saw some tears! Yea, I’m smooth.

Funniest moment of the wedding besides my speech and one of the aunts dancing:
Me: "Dude, that girl you're hitting on is only 22."
Dude: "Oh really? Hmmmmm....
Dude: "And?"
Me: "Nothing"

Ok, so it was funnier in my head.

So with that I say Congratulations Ko and J!!!

There’s been something on my mind since last Friday (yes, drunk call night). My friend and I went to a pub. No, not just some half ass place calling itself a pub (not some stupid ass bar and grill either), but a pub pub. They served the finest beer from all the land. I’m pretty sure if you ordered anything domestic they’d kick your ass out.

I tried something my friend’s friend had recommended. It came in a little funny glass. There probably wasn’t but about 12 oz or so in the cup. When that dark slow flowing liquid touched my lips, OMG! The taste was incredible. Not to sound cheesy, but it tasted like the first time you kissed someone. New, exciting, delicious, and you just want to have that taste on your lips forever.

Maybe I just have a problem, but I was still thinking about it today at work. This is a Belgium beer named Gulden Draak. If you can find it, it is truly your lucky day. Fun fact about this heavy dark beer, it is 10.5 % alcohol by volume. I think I have a pretty high tolerance, but 2 glasses of this stuff and I was buzzing like a freshman at his first kegger (that’s a shout out to BigPinz).

Gulden Draak is the sweet nectar of the Gods. I would know. I’m a megalomaniac.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

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