Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hump Day Mini's

* In case you haven't seen it yet, go see Jib Jab's new cartoon 'Second Term' here. They're the people who brought you 'This Land', and 'It's good to be in DC'.

* ABBA's cool. I've been listening to them all day. That still shouldn't raise me above the 30% mark though.

* I can't decide if I should write a speech for this weekend's wedding, or just get hammered and say what's on my mind. Hammered Pup speeches are more fun, but not always appropriate. Especially for a wedding.

* I think someone has put some magical spell on my bed that doesn't allow me to get off it in the morning. That and it's about 60 degrees in my apt. in the morning. Burrrr....

* My apt. is a lot more quiet without 6 drunken ladies.

* Why doesn't more hotels offer hot tubs in the rooms?

* We're almost at 10, 000 hits!! Too bad half of those are just me. If you're the 10K guest, a special prize awaits!

* Here's an interesting read about teens today and their views on Sex. It's funny that teenagers already have 'friends with benefits'. Where the hell were them when I was in high school?

* Thing like this makes me nervous about having a niece. I may have one soon, and I think I may go crazy once she gets around 13. Don't give me that arugment about 'she likes it too'. That's my niece!! No dirty perv. boy is getting anywhere near her.

* I've already planned out the first time a boy comes to pick her up for a date. I'll be there, probably T. I'd be drunk with a bottle of Jack and a knife when I come open the door. We'd grill'em. A few questions T and I will ask, 'how old are you? (look damn near 30 to me), 'what are your intents?', 'ever made love to man, boy? Want to?'

* Just wondering... where did you learn what to do during oral sex (Friends? Experience? Porn? Books?)? Just curious.

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