Friday, January 07, 2005

It’s 7 days into the New year and so it’s about time for another edition of..

What the FUCK is wrong with you people?

If you have followed this blog and some of the rants, you may have picked up the fact that I have no love for the religious right-wing egomaniacs. They’re not just the harmless guys yelling at street corners or the ones yelling fire and brimstones anymore. No, they’ve evolved.

Especially true in the last decade, the religious right has slowly creeped into the mainstream. Assuming high level positions in our government and in our neighborhoods. Everywhere we go, there is an affluent religious leader at the helm of groups that has nothing to do with religion or faith (i.e. think education).

No longer are they the ones looking in from the outside. In the political landscape today, it is them who holds the power. The power to market fear into our psyches and in doing so, further their own twisted agenda.

For today’s rant, I’m going to talk about the new Justice Department’s guidelines for treating rape victims. I’m talking about it cause rape is something I absolutely have no tolerance of. There are times and sometimes justification for drugs, stealing, and maybe even homicide, but at no time will there ever be one for rape (child abuse is in this category too, but that's another post).

In the new guidelines for rape victims, there were no mentioning of emergency contraceptives for rape victims. A few organizations out there states that emergency contraceptives were in earlier versions of the guidelines, but were taken out because of political fears.

What the Fuck? How fucking wrong and sad is it when you are using people’s lives to play you little damn political game and for you to argue your damn moral high grounds on? Who the fuck is you? Not that I know, but I’m betting that it’s a bunch of old rich white dudes up there thinking they know how it would feel to get raped.

What I wouldn’t give to have someone ass rape their fucken egotistical self and then ask them to rethink these guidelines.

All this talk of the pregnancy also shows these people’s need to prove their points and their agenda over any emotional or physical concerns of the women who are raped. I mean, aren’t they basically saying, well, it’s too bad you were raped, but now we’re only concern that you do your role as a baby carrier. We don't really care what you think about things anymore.

They can defend their stance with their moral high ground all they want, but like most of these anti-choice decisions, these fuckers never think of the long term picture. Yes, you may have allowed a child to be born. But what is the child born into? A mother that looks at the child as the product of not love, but of a twisted violent mental illness. A life born probably in the lower socioeconomical status? As if the kid doesn’t already have an up hill battle. Yea, that’s a good life for the kid. Of course you don’t care about anything like this as long as you prove your little point huh?

What about giving the child up for adoption? Once again, it’s another one of your ideal scenarios that’s all nice and pretty in your head, but so much uglier in real life.

Hey you. Guess what? Your morality isn’t always the right thing to do. The greater good always is. Hence the phrase greater good. Stop using real people’s lives for you petty self-righteous little theoretical games. Starting thinking of doing the right thing for once damn it.

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