Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I watched a special tonight on PBS. It was about the Nazi. If you didn't know, I have a slight obsession about everything WWII. It was such a breakthrough period in the history of our species. Not a good breakthrough. I believe for the first time, we saw what we as a specie could truly become.

This special tonight was a bit disturbing and showed my point perfectly. Basically, it was about the Nazi's development, fine-tuning, and perfecting of mass murdering methods. This was not a happy special. No, no happy meal special here.

I'm not going to go into details, but I think you can imagine the horror. Actually you probably can't. Most people can't. Don't worry, that's a good thing. The horror of how some brilliant individuals used their minds not for good and to help man-kind, but for evil and to slaughter as many innocent men, women, and children as quickly as possible.

There were several accounts from individuals who survived the horrible events, and there were movie clips giving you a glimpse of the death that so many people lived with for so long. For those survivors, these images are no doubt burned into their memories that will always haunt them. I stared into the screen. I drift off a little. I keep staring into the old videos and death camps and just imagined.......

The Cell

In this room, I am confined by the stones and the aged steel.
My body they have locked and thrown away.
Trapped inside the confides of this mutated earth.
My body is nourished by the scrapes and filth they have left, and that even their animals will not touch.
Just enough to keep my body alive and my mind broken.
They won’t allow me to die, for then I would be free.
I cannot die, for then they would claim victory.
I am bound to this room, and this room to me.
My mind drifts, to different and familiar places.
I can no longer differentiate between the two, for in my mind, reality and fantasy blurs as one.
There I am warm, there I am happy, and mostly importantly, there I am free.
Like a dog running towards a bone and without realizing it, the leash snaps and chokes me back into reality.
The reality that I am in this cell.

Help me. Please.

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